How To Cut Ties With Unprofitable People

How To Cut Ties With Unprofitable People

When you say that some is unprofitable, it sounds calculated and business. Honestly, it is but in this case, in good way because it has to with your emotional well-being and may even the well-being of that person.

By unprofitable, we mean someone who doesn’t bring any goodness to your life and you cannot bring any benefit to either. There are many categories of people like that; people who stick around you just because they want to use you, people who consistently and deliberately help, people who shut you out and refuse your assistance when they need it, and so on.

Of course you will have to judge the merits of each situation individually but if this is a reality that has linger for quite a while, you may need to let that person go. Cutting ties might be temporary in the hopes that things can still turn around or permanently, if you feel the relationship is finished.

So how do you do it? here are some tips

Do it without guilt

Once you have established that the relationship is not worth it and is not going anywhere good, let it go and don’t feel guilty about it. Guilt will make you responsible in ways that you are not so you really have to deal with and let it go. It’s not your job to control situations and circumstances; it’s your job to respond appropriately and do what’s best for you.

Do it as quickly as you can

A bad relationship doesn’t do you any good; you should not drag your feet or distancing yourself from that person or telling them that it’s over. Sometimes, cutting off a redundant or hurtful relationship quickly can amend it and salvage the relationship. But trying to work things that cannot be worked out can do irreparably damage to a relationship.

Don’t lie about your reasons

If you cannot find the courage to tell someone why you’re staying away from them or why you’re no longer pursuing your relationship, don’t lie to them. If it is a general acquaintance or a relationship where you’re both just starting out, you can back out without having to say much. However if it as a relationship that you’ve been nurturing for a while or where strong commitments have been made, you need to say something.

You may simply tell them that the friendship or relationship is not working for you and you would like to end things without saying much.

Don’t look back

It is confusing and tormenting to keep going back to a person to whom you said you no longer want to date or be friends with. This is why when you decide to move on from a relationship, be absolutely sure that’s what you want. When you are certain, cut-off and don’t let loneliness, fear or any other feeling drag you back.

Even if that person doesn’t fulfil your relationship needs, remember that they’re still human and don’t deserve to have their feeling toyed. Be considerate and do it in the most tidy way.

Don’t give in

Sometimes, when we’re trying to move on from relationships that have held us down, the other person tries to do everything to keep us back. From apologies, to threats to grand promises to change; whatever the tactic, remember everything that made you come to that decision and stand your ground. Remember some breaks may be come temporary where there a real commitment to change or after things have cooled off and everyone understands what they should have done.

Don’t truncate a process that might lead to your peace and freedom or may actually help both of you learn important lessons because someone cried or begged. Move on because you know that’s what you need; in no time, you’ll realize you did the right thing.