Must Read: Are You Entitled To Anything?

Must Read: Are You Entitled To Anything?

Must Read: Are You Entitled To Anything?

Are You An Entitled Person?

Do you know anyone who just likes to make demands of other people? “Do this for me”, “Do that for me!”. They’re always asking if they can get something they haven’t earned and don’t even the relationships for. Or maybe it’s that person who is always asking for all sorts of favours that everybody knows they would never do for anyone if the tables were turned. Aren’t you just irritated by people who go around acting like they’re better than everyone else? Those ones who act like there should be a different set of rules for them and another for others?

Imagine if you were just like the descriptionbove a and you don’t even know it? Before you say that it’s impossible, let’s quickly remind you that a lot of people with terrible flaws don’t know that they have them. So you could be an entitled person who always trying to get your way at the expense of others and not know it.

Has anyone ever told you were entitled? Maybe they didn’t use that word but others like “selfish” or “arrogant”? Are you always asking people to break the rules for you or make an exception with you? Do you expect others to inconvenience themselves for you? Do you like to get favours but never give out any yourself?

You may be a person who goes around with an entitled attitude and not know it; if you are entitled, it will be a tricky thing for anyone to convince that you actually are. Remember, you think you deserve to get special treatment but just in case you’re wondering, here are a few signs that can giveaway an entitled person:

Something Extra that Qualifies You For More

Somehow, entitled people think that they are better than everyone else and they come to this conclusion based all sorts of reasons. From thinking that they’re more talented and intelligent than others to believing that they’ve been through a lot bad breaks in their life; entitled people find a way to justify their expectations that they can make demands at the expense other people’s comfort.

Why Does It Have to be Fair?

Entitled people might endorse fairness in some random conversation with others but they don’t really believe in it, particularly when it comes to them.

They don’t think they should apologize or understand other people’s point of view. This makes it hard to follow rules, take turns or be part of a team.  Entitled see compromise as being unfair to them; they think they ought to get their way all the time.

Double Standards, Always

Entitled people always have double standards. They think it’s inconsiderate to inconvenience others, waste their time or back out of deals at the last minute but only when it comes to other people.

When they’re concerned, they believe that having to inconvenience others is not a big deal as long as they are satisfied. Others owe them basic decency but that’s not really the case when it’s their turn; they can accept favours without having to return them.


Of course, with all that’s been said above about entitled people, you should know that they’re not always going to get their way so easily all the time. Entitled people often have to resort to manipulation, blackmail and control to get life to always go their way because people are not always going to put up with their BS all the time.

You might find such a person being rude and disrespectful to people they perceive to be below them and suddenly turning to be nice and sweet to someone they think is a really big deal.

Tantrums, lies, and tears are often not far from entitled people.


Now back to the question: are you an entitled person?