How To Overcome Recurring Disappointment In Life

How To Overcome Recurring Disappointment In Life

How To Overcome Recurring Disappointment In Life

How To Overcome Recurring Disappointment

Disappointment will hit you many times in your life; many of the time it will be caused by people and things you expected more from.  It’s a part of life and there’s nothing you can really do to avoid it. However, you need to ask yourself if you’re leaving room more disappointment that you should ever have to experience.

This question is not irrelevant; there are a lot of people allowing themselves to be heartbroken by things they have no business being heartbroken about. The cause is often a wrong approach to life.

Here are some ways you need to fix your view of life to avoid unnecessary pain:


When you don’t accept people and things for who they are, you’ll have a lot of heartache and unnecessary pain. Many people are facing a continuous cycle of disappointment not because anything new has happened to them but because they have refused to face the face the facts about a situation or person they are familiar with.

If refuse to accept the facts about that unreliable friend or that boyfriend that isn’t really into verbally expressing his feeling, you’re just setting up yourself for unnecessary pain. Accept people for what they reveal themselves; let your actions and decisions be tailored towards the facts you know about them. You’d be surprised how easily that constant distress that seemed to be insurmountable would be gone.

Let Go

Another way people put themselves through unnecessary pain is by trying to control everything and everyone around them. Trying to control people will surely end in disappointment so stop it if you want to have peace.

Learn to let go of things you can’t control and do your best with whatever is in your power. That way you can minimize the frequency of disappointments.

Be independent

Being too dependent on others will earn you more let-downs that anyone should ever have to face in their lives. Don’t be the kind of person who wants people to make you happy or make you feel good; it won’t work.

You have the primary responsibility for your well-being and happiness. Take that responsibility and you will have less disappointment to worry about.umed wrobly.

Don’t Assume

Learn not to make assumptions about people; it is a gateway for great disappointments. Don’t make assumptions about people’s needs, motives or preferences. If you have close enough relation whereby you can ask, then do so. If you don’t then believe only what you clearly know about them.

Many disappointments arise when you make wrong assumptions about what others want, what they need, what they’re thinking and what they’d like you to for them. Imagine assuming that someone is lonely and needs your company when he actually wants to be alone. When your offer of company is turned down, you may be hurt but not because of anything the other party did. You’ll be disappointed because you assume.

Get Perspective

The world can be a cruel place many times; that’s a fact and keeping that in perspective will save you from a lot of trouble. People are flawed with weaknesses that often lead to poor choices that hurt others. This another perspective that can really guide you away from being shattered  by people’s actions.

Be wise and discerning; don’t go around being simple and gullible. Get a shrewd perspective about life and you are sure to have less disappointment.

Don’t be Naïve

Know that you can’t safe-guard yourself from disappointment; they are real part of life. Apart from that many let-down will come from the least expected places.

When you allow yourself this kind of awareness, you are sure to move on faster from disappointments.