Guys! Don’t Get It Twisted, These Are Not Signs That She Loves You

Guys, These Are Not Really Signs That She Loves You

Some men are big and tough, they have accomplished a lot of things in their lifetime but when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, they’ve had nothing but disappointments. For some of them, it’s just been nothing but bad luck. However, for many others, the problem is that they are naïve and gullible and they don’t know it.

So many guys think they’re discerning when it comes to reading a woman’s feelings but they’re not. They take the wrong things as complements and tell themselves that the signals that actually portend good are bad signs. Continuing is this silly mind-set is a recipe for many disasters. That’s why we’ve come to help them out with some simple clues.

Guys, these things that make you feel so good are really a sign that a lady is really into you:

She always agrees with you

She may be timid or she may some kind of pretender; who knows? The fact is that just because that lady you’re dating always agrees with everything you do and say, it doesn’t mean that she loves you. It’s dangerous to believe such a thing; it can land you in the hands of a super-manipulator. So, get rid of that idea.

It’s also possible that she actually does agree with you but that still does not mean she loves or even really likes you. Be careful; most of the time, ladies that do that are pretending, either knowingly or unconsciously.

She lends or gives you money

It doesn’t mean so much. It could mean that she’s lonely and she wants to keep you around or that she wants to control you, especially if she lends you money without knowing what you’re really using it for. She might be scared of losing or she might have so much money that lending you some is no big deal; don’t base your assessment of her feelings on that. It’s not wise.

Now don’t get things, lending or giving you money could be an expression of love; the point is that you can take it isolation as a means of coming to such a conclusion.

She Cooks for You

You might scoff at this but it’s a serious matter; many men have been deceived by the delicacies of a woman’s pot. Cooking is not a sign of love! It is stupid to think it is. Some women really like cooking and doing a lot of household stuff. Some were brought up that way; they cook for a love interest or boyfriend because they were told that’s what you do. It doesn’t confirm love or affection or loyalty.

Cooking is good and a lady that loves could enjoy cooking for you more because she loves you but. But boy, many ladies can cook without even knowing what they really feel for you. Be shrewd!

She sleeps with you

You can’t just fall for that; not in this age. There are a lot of reasons why a lady sleeps with a man. One of the major ones is attraction and attraction is not the same thing as love. Sometimes a lady would sleep with a man because she feel insecure of keeping him without sex and most when that happens, she’s probably still just attracted to you. She doesn’t really know if she loves you.

The truth is that apart from physical attraction, some of the major triggers for sex is habit, fear, insecurity. Love is not always the main reason; when it is, other things will be in place first.

She Jealous over you

Don’t be fooled; jealousy, especially violent jealousy is not a sign of love. It is more a sign of fear, suspicion, insecurity and bad experiences than anything else.  A woman that always gets jealous when you talk to any other lady has issues; not mistake it for love. And if your ego is getting fed by such displays of jealous, you’re not wise. That is not something to be proud about but to be disturbed about.

Jealousy can be triggered by love but it shouldn’t be a regular, all the time that ends in tantrums and tears. That’s something else.

She’s very possessive of you

Very close to jealousy is possessive and we just want you to know that it’s much more about control than love. A lady who keeps tabs on you all the time and wants to follow you everywhere doesn’t necessarily love you. She probably has control issues and insecurities.

Just like the womenfolk, a gullible man can easily get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, many guys think they’re invincible and smart when they’re not. Guys be wise.