Guys, You must Never Tell The Woman You Love These Things

Guys, You must Never Tell The Woman You Love These Things

things men shouldn't say to women
things men shouldn’t say to women they love

Things men shouldn’t say to women they love….

Women do not cry all time and they are not crazy but they can get really angry and take all the fun out of a moment or place if they are upset. It gets worse if the man who is supposed to show them love is the one causing all the trouble, with his mouth.

A man who wants constantly see the sunny side of  his darling must know what is “say-able” and what is not. This is because words matter to most women and there are just some things you shouldn’t say if you’re her prince charming.

Guys, we want to help you; don’t say these things to your wife or girlfriend:


“Whatever” implies indifference and a woman takes indifference in her man towards her and her concerns as a personal affront. You should know that means war and you don’t want that, do you?

“Didn’t you eat just now?”

Maybe it was a just an observation on your part but your lady probably won’t hear like that. Your drawing attention to her eating or wanting to eating another meal, soon after she finished one, is a fat accusation to her. She’ll probably see it as you taking an opportunity to tell her that she’s fat or eats too much.

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“My mom used to do this differently”

This is not the thing to say after she made you a meal or went out of her way to do something for you. She won’t take it likely, unless you’re adding that she does it better than your mom. Otherwise keep that observation to yourself, it won’t be welcome.

“Your mom is……..”

She might whine about her mom to you but please brother, don’t try to do the same even if you just wanted to agree with her. She still thinks she’s the only one who has a right to whine about her mum or parents.

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