anger management tips
anger management tips

Anger Management Tips

It can be a real test to keep your anger in check sometimes especially when you feel you have a right to be angry. Some people, however seem to get angry all the time or at the slightest provocation.

Anger is a normal emotion and it is even healthy to feel angry  when the need arises but anger must be managed in order to yield  positive and not negative results; and no one is supposed to be angry all the time. This is because persisting in uncontrolled anger will eventually take a toll on your relationships and your health.

If you get angry and abusive every time people disagree with you, when you don’t get your way or when others do not meet your expectations or standards, you may have an anger problem.

These 7 tips will definitely help you:

1. Express Anger Only When You are Calm

You’re really mad and you have a lot to say but the truth is that it is not as urgent as you think in your moment of anger. You will express your dissatisfaction better if you wait until you’re calm. Wait until you are thinking clearly and then express yourself in an assertive but non-confrontational way. You’ll get more from a direct and clear conversation than one in which the aim is to hurt and control others.

2. Think Before Talking

“I hate you”, “You will never change”, “I quit”; these are examples of words that people speak in anger and may never recover from. Sometimes it’s their loved ones who find it unforgivable. When you’re angry, you have a greater tendency of saying something you’ll regret later. Take time to think about what your mood is telling you to say, and don’t worsen the situation. If you think you might say something terrible, then please leave and don’t return until you become calm.

3. Humor Helps

You can use humor to confront what is frustrating you because it does help to diffuse tension. However, avoid sarcasm because it hurts feelings

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