Seven Ways You May Be Destroying Your Friendships

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Sometimes friendships end abruptly or over seemingly little things and one party is left wondering what really happened. Apart from things like outright betrayal of trust or fights, many of the things that destroy friendships are behaviours and events that accumulate over time and make one or both parties to decide that the friendship is no longer worth it.

Here are six things that destroy friendships that many people may not know about;

Talking Too Much About Yourself

Every time you are with your friend(s), all you talk about is yourself, your relationship, your co-workers, who offended you, your plans, who gave you a compliment, etc. You never ask them about themselves or allow the other person to have their own say; everything has to be about you.

That is a one-sided relationship and it may not last.

Criticising Their Decisions

If you have the habit of criticising your friends and all their choices, your friendship may not last; criticism should be given sparing, only when necessary and in a loving manner.

Constant criticism of people’s actions and choices make you come off as arrogant, insensitive and high-handed.

Talking Bad About Their Partners

Talking bad about your friends’ spouses or partners is a bad thing. Even when they have done wrong things or make mistakes, mention it if you need to but let it go immediately.

If you’re criticising your friend’s partners as a way of showing your loyalty to your friend, you’re getting it wrong. If they don’t break up with that person, they may eventually break up with you.

If they do break up with him/her, they may blame you for it and decide to stop being your friend.

Gossiping About Others

Sometimes friendships break-up when one party gossips too much. Your friends may conclude that if you can gossip that way about others, you must be gossiping about them that way too. This makes them keep away so that their secrets will be safe from you.

Being Too Nosy

Good friendships have good boundaries; if a friend is not willingly confiding in you about some things in their lives, don’t go trying to find out about it all costs. being too nosy is not nice.

Do this often enough and that might be the end of your friendship.

Being Competitive

Are you always trying to top your friends’ achievements? Competing with them in fashion, relationships and possessions. Initially, it may seem harmless but when your friends see that this is a habit with you and you can’t stand not being better than everyone else, they may run away.

Being Shady

If you have the habit of lying always, keep secrets, saying one thing and doing another, your friends may eventually decide that the relationship is not worth it.

One should be able to vouch for a friend at many things and if that is not possible, then it’s a hardly a friendship.