5 Ways You Can Help A Heartbroken Friend

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Heartbreaks are part of life; a lot of things and a lot of relationships don’t work out the way we had imagined. Despite the facts we know this adults, we can hardly shield ourselves from the devastation and pain that heartaches bring.

Sometimes when we see someone we love and care for like a friend going through a heartbreak, it is more agonizing than we could have ever imagined. We want to help but many times we are stumped about what we can do.

Here are 5 ways we can help a friend who is heartbroken friend;

Run Errands for Them

For grocery shopping to cooking, helping a friend who emotionally down to do house chores and run errand that they may not be feeling up goes a long way.

A cluttered or dirty house can add to feelings of depression so helping them to keep things is a bigger show of love than you might.

Remember not to get overwhelmed yourself.


Now you shouldn’t abandon your needs or your own life but a few sleep-over for a friend who is grieving, depressed or heartbroken actually helps.

Don’t over-do it, as they may sometimes want to be alone


This never gets old; a listening ear, a shoulder to cry and someone who makes time to understand a person’s pain is a soothing balm.

Listening helps a lot with grief and heartbreak. Sometimes that all that is needed for comfort because too many words of motivation or encouragement may seem like you are trying to hurry them out of their pain.

Encourage and Assure

Sometimes the future may seem so bleak; in times like this, words of assurance and encouragement are what a heartbroken friend needs.

Let them know that it’s not the end of the world. Speak kind and uplifting words.

Draw the Line

Sometimes a person who is heartbroken goes into the deep end of blaming, self-pity and refusing to move forward.

You should be patient but you need to also love them by drawing the line; after a while you need to let them start running the errands themselves, you need to let them know that they can’t stay in the pain forever.

While it may not be necessary to chastise or confront them directly, you should to refuse to entertain their self-pitying moanings and conversations, decline their requests that you leave your relationships and activities in order to hang out with them, and refuse all attempts to manipulate you into doing things for them. If the need arises you must have a loving but firm conversation with them.

You do have an obligation as a friend to tell them if they are ruining their lives because of a setback. As you live your life and refuse to be held back, you are showing them an example and encouraging them to continue with their lives. Heartbreak should not be forever.