Ladies, 7 Signs That Your Friend May Be Hitting On Your Boyfriend

Ladies, 7 Signs That Your Friend May Be Hitting On Your Boyfriend

Backstabbing Friend….

Sometimes it happens; your girlfriend that you thought had your back starts to have ideas about your man. Many times, when this happens, it starts right in front of you and you don’t even know it. A lot of ladies have lost their boyfriends and even husbands to their friends and while one can say, “Good riddance” to any man who allows himself to be lured away from the woman he loves, it’s not always that simple.

This seduction process can be subtle sometimes, that even a well-meaning boyfriend can fall. It’s not really your job to help your boyfriend to resist temptation even from a cunning friend. After all, a committed relationship involves the promise of faithfulness. However, you have a responsibility to yourself to take note and let go of disloyal friends. Don’t keep a snake around you.

Here are some signs that your friend may be trying to hit on your guy:

She puts you down in front of him

Don’t be confused; if you’re feeling like your friend always likes to belittle you in front of your boyfriend then you should watch it.

Always talking about your past goofs, some time when you wore something inappropriate or it just seems like she likes to mention your failures and flaws whenever he’s around. Don’t be fooled even when she tries to pass it off as a joke.

Your friend and boyfriend can have some laughs at your expense sometimes but it can’t be all the time.

She talks about your ex-boyfriends in front of him

Suddenly you guys are hanging out, your friend wants to talk about how your ex ran off despite your best efforts or how you broke up with him even though he begged and begged.

Let your antenna be up girl; that is not a conversation to have in front of your current man.

She calls him without mentioning it to you

Now this can happen a few times but if you constantly only hear from your boyfriend that your friend called him or called on him at home or at work without her telling you even once, something is wrong.

If you had to discover this on your own, there may be trouble.

She touches him inappropriately

No matter how modern the world has become, there are still boundaries. Your friend should not be all over your boyfriend touching and holding in the name of fooling around or talking. It is inappropriate and could be a serious warning sign.

Even if he is her friend or you met him through her, there still needs to be some boundaries, especially when you’re around.

She has said bad things about you to him

If she has said unfavourable things to your boyfriend about you or spilled secrets you were not ready to share behind your back then you need to be careful.

She may be trying to insinuate to him that you’re so great, after all.

She’s always asking him for help

Whenever she has some trouble, she always calls your boyfriend. It’s like she didn’t have a way of getting on with her life before he came into the picture.

Whether she asks for your permission or not, it’s not appropriate for your friend to keep seeking out your boyfriend to help her or do favours for her unless she truly has no alternatives.

If she does have alternative then put a stop it  or tell to get one because it might just be a strategy to get them to constantly see and talk to each other.

She gives him too many compliments

Don’t silence your instincts; you just may be right. She always has something nice to say; “you’re so handsome”, “you’re so smart”, “you have such good tastes”, “You’re such a hunk.”

Giving another woman’s boyfriend these kinds of compliments are dangerous. Giving them to your friend’s boyfriend  is inappropriate.

Compliments like this can only come once in a blue moon (some of them never) but for your friend to have no qualms about saying these to your man whether privately or publicly is suspicious. She may be trying to flatter her way into his heart.