Ladies: Signs That He Still Loves His Ex

Ladies: Signs That He Still Loves His Ex

signs that he still loves his ex
Signs That He Still Loves His Ex

We all don’t get to end up with the first person we hooked up with; in this modern world, people are more likely to have a baggage of exes before finally meet the one. There’s however a difference between exes and “the ex”.

Many ladies feel a discomfort about their new man relationship’s with his ex and sometimes they’re no longer in touch but its his disposition to any thing that concerns her that’s got them worried. They can’t say for sure if it’s their insecurities acting up or if they’re really on to some thing.

Truly, there’s no point to being hooked up with someone whose heart is with someone else and is too confused, proud or bitter to realise it. Ladies, here’s some help; these signs will help you decide if he’s still pining for that ex;

He’s Always Making Comparisons

Whether it’s in the subtle and seemingly casual comments he makes or he says it to you and others directly, if your boyfriend is in the habit of making comparisons and finding the differences between you and his ex, you need to be cautious. He’s probably not over her yet.

He Badmouths Her Any Chance He Gets

Someone once said that the opposite of love is not hatred but indifference. This is so true because people are usually angry at people whom they love or think highly of, who have disappointed or hurt them. It takes a lot of energy to keep badmouthing a person and nobody wastes that kind of energy on someone that they are done with. Yes, he might just have a grudge against her (that is not healthy for your relationship too) but there’s also a good chance it’s disguised love.

He’s Always Craving For News About Her

He’s too interested in what happening in her life; wants to know if she’s dating now and who it is. He’s keeps in touch with her and their common friends mainly for this purpose or he’s stalking her more than a little on social media. This is another red flag.

He Talks To Her All The Time

He seems to like talking to her more than he likes talking to you. If your boyfriend talks to his ex every day or more than once in a while (unless some circumstance of life makes it unavoidable) then you do have a problem. Don’t overlook it, you have to take your decision about the relationship.

He Remembers Her All The Time

He likes to talk about her, what she hates or likes or some memory about their time together. He holds on to all or most of all the mementos from their time together. Any chance he gets, he seems to be reminiscing about  her. Maybe he takes you out or to visits friends and family, only to use it as another opportunity to talk about her. You need to watch this too.

If you experience any of these signs with you new guy, you need to tell him about it; express to him how you experience his behaviour without making any accusations. Tell him it is unacceptable to you. He just might admit to you that he’s not over her yet, he might deny it (convincingly or unconvincingly) or he might apologize and promise to work on it. Whatever the response, you have to follow your intuition and do what is best for you; you’re too valuable to be trailing behind a memory.