It happens to even the best of us; we’ve trusted and made a friend of someone who wasn’t good for us or was never a friend to us. A bad friend is someone who intentionally or even unintentionally treats us bad or does things that harm us, makes us feel bad or makes us lose good opportunities.

Some people have friends that they should stay away from but they don’t even realize it.

Here are five signs that your so-called friend is bad for you;

They Bully You

Someone who bullies you is not your friend. Anyone who tries to intimidate you either physically or emotionally is a predator that wants to have control over you, so that they can use you as they please.

They Gossip About You

Don’t be that person who accepts bad behaviour. You can forgive a friend who slips up and says something they shouldn’t have about you but someone who makes a habit of gossiping about you and badmouthing you is not your true friend.

They Never Show Up For You

They always have an excuse when you need them; they can’t be relied on to do anything for you or bail you out when you’re in trouble. In fact, whenever you’re down or you get into some trouble, it’s like they’ve disappeared from the face of the earth.

What’s the point of calling someone your friend if they can’t be there for you? Friendship is not all for fun and hanging out; remember the adage that says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

They Can’t Stand Your Success

If you have experienced it more than once that your friend reacted to your success or good news with jealousy, anger, sadness or dismissiveness, then you may be keeping a bad friend.

Sometimes our friends may seem unenthusiastic about our good news because they are going through a bad time or they wanted the same thing and it didn’t work for them. However, they should be able to recover from their disappointment to congratulate and rejoice with you.

If you have a friend who tries to downplay your success, or reacts negatively whenever you have good news, that’s not a good friend.

They Gloat At Your Pain

You suffer disappointment, you’re heartbroken,  or maybe you just lost your job and you notice that  all your friend wants to do is tell you all things you did to bring this on yourself, mock you or wonder if you’ll ever get out of it. You probably have been hanging around a secret hater.

Friends should feel for you when you’re in pain, they should be a source of encouragement in trying times; if they have any correction to offer, it cannot at a time when you are totally devastated. Anyone who wants to kick you when you’re down is not your friend.