Ladies; Five Things That Sex Will Never Achieve in Your Relationship

Ladies; Five Things That Sex Will Never Achieve in Your Relationship

It’s been said many times by those older, wiser and more experienced but some of us ladies just never hear this important advice in relationship; sex will not earn you love and it will not solve all relationship problems.

Physical intimacy and sexual satisfaction is only a part of romantic relationships; an important one but it just isn’t the ultimate. It makes more meaning and yields more results when many other parts of a relationship are in place. It won’t keep any relationship on its own; not for long any way.

For any female out there who feels she’s done so much in this department but has only met with frustration and disappointment in her love life, this may be a timely reminder.

Here are five things that sex will never achieve for you in your love life:

Friendship and Companionship

Sex will not guarantee you companionship; it might grab you his attention when he wants you but in the long run, people will only make attempts to be companions or have friendship with someone whose company they enjoy outside of physical gratification.

A man will choose his companion based on compatibility, his own desire to be with that person and many other things including her ability to laugh at his jokes. How you guys match in bed will probably feature as a consideration but it can’t really do anything on its own for a man who knows what he wants.


How much you give it to him or how good you are in bed can hardly get you to be respected by any man. It shouldn’t necessarily diminish your respect but it won’t necessarily earn you any respect.

If you make the mistake of giving yourself to an immature man or one who has a wrong idea of women, it might actually become a source of disrespect.


You can bribe him with this, it won’t work. If you’ve done something really bad to your partner, it is better to apologize or keep apologizing.

Luring your boyfriend or ex into sleeping with you, when you know that he has serious grievances against often ends up a grave mistake. It will hardly you earn forgiveness because many men have the capacity to be intimate with someone that do not have feelings for, do not respect or have negative feelings for.

Do try to get forgiveness this way because it may make you look cheap or manipulative, which may in turn earn you very bad treatment.


Dear ladies, just because he wants to sleep with you, he’s sleeping with you or keeps coming back to sleep with you, it doesn’t mean that he loves you. It is not a sign that he will fall in love with you in the future either.

Maybe he’s just having a good time, maybe you’re available and convenient, maybe he’s thinks that’s all you want, maybe he likes you and wants to know you better. Please none of this is a guarantee that he loves or will love you. Sex is not love and it can’t win you love.


Many ladies have made this mistake. If you want a committed relationship that would end in marriage, then please make this known to your potential boyfriends.

Don’t think you can get in through the back door of sleeping with them and then expecting them to pop the question. You wait forever or end up heartbroken.