Healthy Living: 8 Foods You Should Eat Frequently And Why

Healthy Living: 8 Foods You Should Eat Frequently And Why

Healthy Living: 8 Foods You Should Eat Frequently And Why

There are some foods that when we eat them frequently, they keep our body inshape, thereby making us live healthy and happy. 8 of those foods are explained below;



Garlic is an ingredient in most homemade remedies, it can combat several illnesses, such as cold and cough. If you are prone to the common cold and its variants, maybe you should include garlic in your diet. Garlic also helps reduce blood pressure so as to reduce the risk of hypertension.
Garlic contains trace amounts of various other nutrients. In fact, it contains a little bit of almost everything we need.
Also, Garlic increases the production of hydrogen sulfide. Researchers and scientists are of the opinion that this is the reason garlic is effective in fighting several types of cancer.

80% of Kaduna tomatoes ravaged by disease - El-Rufai


There are two things you need to know about tomatoes: Red are the best, because they’re packed with more of the antioxidant lycopene, and processed tomatoes are just as potent as fresh ones, because it’s easier for the body to absorb the lycopene. Studies show that a diet rich in lycopene can decrease your risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach cancers, as well as reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Aim for 22 mg of lycopene a day, which is about eight red cherry tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice.

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Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away? For thousands of years, many cultures have valued apples for their medicinal properties. Now, modern-day research has confirmed many health benefits associated with apples. In fact, there are hundreds of published papers showing why apples are a true super fruit.

Studies show that apples may provide protection against certain types of cancer. Peer-reviewed research indicates that apples may reduce the risk for oral, esophageal, larynx, lung, colon, breast, ovary and prostate cancers.

Also, the antioxidants in apples may help protect the lungs against the oxidative damage that’s associated with asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

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Most red, yellow, or orange vege- tables and fruits are spiked with carotenoids—fat-soluble compounds that are associated with a reduction in a wide range of cancers, as well as reduced risk and severity of inflammatory conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis—but none are as easy to prepare, or have as low a caloric density, as carrots. Aim for 1/2 cup a day.


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