Do You Want To Make Crunchy Chin-chin? This Will Help You


– Some tips to make crunchy chin-chin.

– Processes that are involved in making chin-chin.

Are you a lover of snacks? Do you wish you make snacks at your convenience and without stress? Do you love to eat chin-chin? Then this article is great for you.

Quite a large number of us love taking snacks, we love having snacks at our desks even in the office. Also, many people desire to make their snacks themselves so as to ensure the neatness of the processes and the quality of the ingredients. This is very easy!

There are many snacks that are available for our consumption such as a doughnut, chin-chin, peanuts, etc. Out of the many snacks that are available, chin-chin is one of the most popular snacks. It is also available in every stall and it is not expensive to get.

However, you can actually prepare crunchy and delicious chin-chin at your convenience and without stress.


The following are the ingredients that you need to make crunchy chin-chin;

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You need flour, sugar, egg, butter, water, vegetable oil, baking powder, nutmeg (although, this is optional). You also need milk, you can either use a powdered milk or otherwise.

The equipment that you also need is a cooker (gas cooker, electric cooker or even a stove), you also need a bowl that you will use in mixing the ingredients. You need a frying pan and a spoon.

A rolling pin is also essential and you should get a flat surface ready for the rolling and cutting of the snack.

A neat container that you will put the chin-chin when they are ready is also needed.

Some tips that will help you make a crunchy chin-chin are;

1. Your measurement of the ingredient must be in accordance with how much chin-chin you want to make. You can start with a little quantity for a start.

2. Get a neat bowl, mix your flour with butter, ensure that you mix it till it becomes smooth.

3. Add sugar, baking powder and powdered milk (ensure you measure them). You can also add your nutmeg if you want to use.

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4. Then mix with an egg. After mixing the egg with other ingredients, add a little water and mix. Mix it well and make sure the water is enough.

5. Get a flat surface and roll the mixed flour bit by bit. After rolling, you can then cut into small pieces and fry.