Ladies, Five Signs That He May Never Marry You

Ladies, Five Signs That He May Never Marry You
Ladies, Five Signs That He May Never Marry You

Five Signs That He May Never Marry You

You think your relationship is on the right track and that your marriage dreams are right around the corner of being actualized. You and your man have talked about it, even more than once and there seems to be no reason why you shouldn’t become his “Mrs” soon enough.

But underneath all the hopes and expectations, you have a nagging feeling that it might not turn out the way you have hopec. It could just be you being paranoid but it could also be your instincts trying tell you something you have refused to see.

Ladies, the truth is that sometimes we worry too much even when things are on course and going perfectly fine; you could be working yourself and that poor man off with fears that are unfounded. Take it easy.But if you just can’t shake off the feeling that the guy that you’re planning marriage with, doesn’t seem to share your desire even when he’s telling you different, then you need to be on the look out because your instincts may just be right.

While you don’t want to jump the gun and look silly or desperate, you should not waste your time in dead-end relationships especially when you know what you want; you must be assured that you’re in the right place

If you have talked about marriage with your partner and he’s seems to be interested but you’re not sure if you’re the one, here are five signs to help determine if he may never marry you:

He keeps you away from friends and family

If you have been dating for a significant period of time (maybe a year o more), he has expressed interest in getting married, told you he loves you and your relationship has no problem but you notice that he is careful to avoid you meeting any of his friends and family members then you need to sit up.

He may have someone else he plans to marry, he may be deceiving you, he may not be ready and not want to get your hopes up or he simply has no plans to spend the rest of his life with you.

Unless there’s a tangible reason for this behaviour (like being in witness protection or something), then it is not good enough. Have a rethink and make a decision quickly.

He never talks about specifics

Both of you are adults, ripe and ready to take the step into matrimony, he tells you that he loves you and he says he wants to get married but he talks about marriage as if it’s something that can only happen in a very faraway future; beware.

When a grown and capable man, who has nothing against the institution of marriage, keeps dribbling on the issue of marriage by making it seem like it can’t happen in any near future, it may be that he hasn’t found the one.

He may not be able to tell you directly and so telling you that marriage is not a possibility in any foreseeable time (especially when he knows you’re ready and you want it) may be his own way of telling you find your happily-ever-after somewhere else.

He keeps shifting the milestones

If he has revised once or more than once the achievements and things that need to be in place in his life before he can get married, he may be doing that just because of you.

Men are usually quite sure about the things they would like to achieve before they get married. if he’s told you about these milestones before (without any pressure) and suddenly starts to change them especially when he has achieved everything he said he needed to achieve before, he might be trying to keep your hopes down on getting married to him

So now he’s gotten the job, built the career, bought the car or has been able to make those savings and he suddenly starts to say he would to like visit ten countries before he can settle down. Beware, if you don’t know him to be a fickle and indecisive man, then maybe he’s not sure about marrying you or maybe he now knows that he doesn’t want to marry you and doesn’t have the guts to say it.

He has no plans on ground

He talks about getting married to you, the kind of house you will live in, the number of kids you guys will have and your future together but he hasn’t done a single thing about it in three months or more, despite the fact that he says he ready to take the step now.

That kind of man may just be a dreamer who will never make it happen. He has all the pictures in his head but no plan of action and no timeline. You may need to have an honest conversation to know if both of you can make it happen or if you’re being delayed by a dreamer.

He keeps postponing your wedding date or plans

Maybe you guys have a wedding plan on ground or you’re already engaged but he keeps asking for the date to be shifted or the plans to be put on hold.

Girl you’ll need to talk to him or make some hard decisions because it may be that that wedding just might never happen.