5 Things Ladies Can Do to Make Their Relationships Better

5 Things Ladies Can Do to Make Their Relationships Better

5 Things Ladies Can Do to Make Their Relationships Better

If there’s always room for anything, it’s the room for improvement. Ladies, you may be doing good in your relationship but you can always to some things to make it better and improve on areas of weakness. For those who have been making a lot of mistakes and ending badly burnt, there is certainly plenty to change.

You can take a look at our points below and check out any areas where you can improve yourself to make your relationships better:

Respect Yourself

All relationships require adjustment and compromise but there are just certain things that you shouldn’t compromise, like your self-respect. As a woman, you are more desirable when you hold your own and maintain the boundaries that need to kept to maintain your dignity. Don’t allow bad treatment, abuse or mistreatment as this diminishes your value as a woman. Don’t dish out uncouth and disrespectful behaviour either.

You should also maintain your right to speak and express displeasure in your relationship. Being a doormat does not breed respect; neither does arrogance, emotional blackmail or tyranny. Respect your partner and never compromise your sacred need to be treated with dignity.

Appreciate Love

Being a strong and independent woman is equivalent to not needing anyone or not showing any feelings. A strong, mature and independent woman is actually not afraid to show that she can love and wants to be loved because she knows that it does not diminish her strength in any way.

Shed every insecurity and learn to mature into a woman that responds to love and care with appreciation and love. Don’t belittle your partner love and expression of love for you; don’t be afraid to show him you love him and are happy that he loves you.

He will appreciate you more for showing that your positive response and it will boost his confidence to know that he is loved. It will not be an excuse to mistreat or take you for granted if he is a mature. Even if he misuses your appreciation, this will help you to see his true colours faster so that you can move on.

Focus on the good

There are many things that are good and wonderful about your boyfriend or husband; that is why you fell for him in the first place. If you suddenly start focusing on all his flaws, you have become ungrateful and you are not being fair to him. While you are realistic of his limitations, it is will be more profitable for your relationship if you choose to see his better side.
It is a make of maturity to learn to focus on all the ways people makes our lives better than to keep picking at the things they haven’t gotten right. Your relationship will benefit more if you take this attitude as judging your partner’s flaws will only break down the love and understanding in your relationship.

Don’t Give Up Other Areas of Your Life

It very common that at the start of a romantic relationship, many ladies drift away from their other friendships and relationships. However, it is not too good when ladies stay away from other areas of their lives even after the honeymoon phase of their love lives.

It is very important to maintain the good friendships and ties that preceded your partner and to keep making good ones even when you are in that relationship. These other family ties and friendships help you to keep and balance instead of burdening your partner or spouse with the soleresponsibility of supplying all emotional needs. This is unsustainable and it will eventually affect your love life because your partner is meant to add greatly to your happiness and not be the sole source of it.

It is important to have other interests and other relationships.

Be Independent

You can fall in love, you can compromise, you can give up stuff for the man you deem important to you but you shouldn’t lose all of yourself. You need to maintain some level of independence. You should be able to continue thinking for yourself and not let all your thoughts and actions be ruled by how you feel for your partner. This is an unhealthy  behaviour that never ends well.

Instead, continue to be that autonomous person who has learnt and is learning to submit to the process of partnering with another human being. This will never include doing this that are detrimental your life, your ability to think or function on your own. You should still be able to make something of your life, make money on your own, treat people the way your judge best and offer what you can to the best of your ability in any given situation.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you can’t compromise, it just means that you’re still you and you’re making your decision including the decision to be in that relationship and make a life with your partner. Most men often appreciate this kind of independence than blind loyalty or followership.