9 Major Signs That You are Insecure

9 Major Signs That You are Insecure

9 Major Signs That You are Insecure

Insecurity is a bad thing for anyone. For an insecure person, life is harder than it actually is and this makes it hard to enjoy life. Feelings of low self-esteem, past hurts and mistakes can all contribute to make a person insecure but ultimately, the truth is that insecurity emerges from how you choose to handle your experiences.

Every one actually has insecurities but being an insecure person means that you allow your flaws and fears to dominate what you believe about yourself and others. This means that insecure people have a skewed lens from which they view life. Ultimately, this affects their interaction and relationship with others and honestly, nobody really enjoy being around an insecure person because they make everything about them and their suspicions.

The worst part is if you’re an insecure person who doesn’t know it. This means that you go around acting out and you never really understand why people don’t want to be around. Sometimes people will point out some of your shortcomings but it never really adds up understanding that you’re insecure. So how do you know that you’re insecure?

Again, it is important to note that everyone has measures of insecurity, fears and faults but what defines a person as insecure is that they are dominated by their and other people flaws. They allow their fears to dictate how they behave.

Back to the signs of insecurity; the truth is that insecure people manifest a lot of signs but we sharing these signs that most insecure display. They may not display all of them but they’ll usually be guilty of at least two.

Here they are

You Fight a Lot

If you find yourself being overly quarrelsome and fighting with all sorts of different people in different settings of your life, you’re probably dealing with a major case of insecurity. You probably think that everyone is against you and that you need to defend yourself all the time.

If you react defensively to other people by default or you feel the need to attack others before they attack you, it may be insecurity.

If this is the case you need to examine yourself and probably seek counselling to deal with your issues.

You Cry a Lot

Insecure people often see themselves perpetually as victims and for some of them this will show up in unjustified tears and lamentation. If you’re always going to end of self-pity and complaining about other people actions, you are insecure person.

While there may be reasons to cry and complain from time to time, it shouldn’t be all the time. If you have made a habit of this, you probably see yourself as a victim and it is a sign of insecurity

You get offended easily

Following from the first two point is this; insecure people get offended easily. Everything is a personal affront and they usually think people are trying to put them down or malign them.

While you may not show it openly by crying or fighting, if you notice these feeling in you, you have major issues with insecurity.

People do offend us and sometimes try to put us down but if this the thing you always notice or the way you always feel you are insecure.

You Can’t Take Criticism

Criticism from others is no fun and sometimes, it’s harder because it is meant to bring us down but if you discover that you can’t take any kind of criticism, you may be a very insecure person.

The reason insecure people cannot take criticism is that they feel that it diminishes them in some way instead of just seeing as feedback from others.

You Get Jealous Easily

It doesn’t have to be a romantic setting; insecure people are always full of jealousy. If you find that even among platonic friends and family members, you think that three is a crowd then you may be insecure.

If you’re overly possessive of your friends, family, members, spouses, children, etc and you don’t like when they enjoy other people’s company, you are insecure

You Try to Control Others

Of course, jealousy, fear and suspicion which are major traits of an insecure person eventually lead them into trying to control others.

If you have a need to control everything, no matter the justification you given it, you are an insecure person. If you don’t know it but people keep telling you that you are too controlling then watch yourself.

Good things are too Good To Be True

If you can’t believe it when good people and good things come your way, it’s a sign of insecurity and self-doubt. Most times, this terrible belief will lead to suspicion and bad behaviour that drive those who care about you away

You can’t say “No”

If you can’t say no to anything, it’s not because you are nice; you’re just insecure. You thinks that if you say no people won’t like you anymore or that they leave you. It also means that you think you can’t survive if they leave. So if you’re a people-pleaser, you are insecure

You want to know what everyone thinks

If you care too much what people think and you have to consult with all sorts of people before you take simple decisions, it’s a sign of insecurity.