Ladies, Signs That You May Be a Side-Chick

Escape Being a Side-chick

If you’re going to be a side-chick, it should at least be with your consent. The truth however is that a lot of ladies are side-chicks without their consent or without knowing. For some of them, the guy simply ends the relationship after he feels like he has had enough and they keep wondering what happened without ever knowing that they were just being used.

Some others get to know that they were spare girlfriends or experiments in shocking and dramatic ways when the main-chicks suddenly surfaces or they discover by some other means.

Whatever the case is, finding out that one was not really loved or wanted but only played second fiddle to some other person is not a good experience. Such traumatic event should be prevented as much as possible.

To help ladies decipher if they are being used for side show, here are some useful signs:

Ladies, Signs That You May Be a Side-Chick

You can’t speak to or see him at anytime

If you’re in a relationship with a guy who has a regimented time at which he is able to visit, call, or chat with you, you need to investigate it further. If you can’t talk to your boyfriend at any time of the day or he even tells you to leave all the calling or visiting to him, you may be dealing with a man who is leading a double life and making a side-chick out of you.

Unless you have verified that he has cogent reasons for this arrangement that is acceptable to you, do not accept it.

He wants to keep the relationship a secret

Most times when one party wants to keep a relationship secret, it is hardly for a good or noble reason. Top on the list is because they are in steady relationship and are trying to have an affair with “the other woman”

He’s missing in action on certain days

If you boyfriend is suddenly unavailable or always has emergencies and assignments that make it impossible to spend the weekends, holidays, birthdays  and other important days with you, it may be a sign that he has someone else, someone more important.

If he doesn’t show up on Valentine’s day or is always unable to spend his birthday with you, don’t let it go without good reason. it may be a sign you’re a side-chick

He’s shady with his phone

If he likes to switch off his phone when he is with for good reason, you need to beware because he may be trying to avoid a situation where his lady picks up on his escapades. Don’t just take such things for granted, ask questions.

If he is trying to receive all his call out of earshot, it may be an indication that something is wrong.

If you also cannot reach him for long periods of time, especially at night, it may a pointer that you’re a side thing.

You don’t know each other’s friend and family

If he doesn’t want know your friends and family and is unwilling for you to meet any of his, you need to take note, no matter what his excuse is.

Make effort to ascertain that it’s not another strategy for a side-chick show.

He has strange pictures and messages on his phone.

He has a picture of some lady he has called a friend, colleague or sister but her poses with him just don’t feel like it to you. Don’t ignore your instincts, find out more.

If he has message that his explanations don’t really account for, then don’t let yourself be blinded to what your head and instincts are saying. That may just be the opportunity to find if he’s trying to make a side-chick out of you or not