#2017Goals: 6 Things You Can Do To Be Happier

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Happiness is a goal we always have in front of us no matter how happy we are or how happy we may have been. This is simply because there is always room for more improvement in our lives.

As we leave the last year behind and enter into this year, we should begin to make those improvements early so that we can enjoy more happiness in our lives.

These six habits, if cultivated, will help us enjoy more happiness in our lives:

Stop the comparison

Many people have great lives with a lot of things going for them but they are still struggling to find joy and happiness because they are constantly comparing themselves to others.

Everyone is on a unique and individual journey in life; when we compare ourselves with others, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy our gifts, our triumphs, our progress and blessing.

Stop looking at what others have and start enjoying what you have. You will be surprised at how your perspective will change  and how much peace and joy you will have.


Learn to forgive and constantly practicing it is a great way to maintain one’s equilibrium and open up your capacity for happiness.

Piling up of lists of offences is bad way to live life; you simply have to learn to develop a system for purging out the pain of disappointments and offences because they are a constant part.

If you do not cultivate your outlet of offences and allow the pain of wrongs and mistakes to build up, then happiness will elude you.

As you forgive others, it is important that you forgive yourself and do it quickly too

Stop complaining

What you say has a way of colouring your perspective and your perspective affects your peace and your level of happiness.

Stop whining, talk about your hopes, talk about the goodness you’ve enjoyed, talk about your plans and your good memories. As you do this you will see your emotions rise from the darkness of bitterness and hopelessness into the light of optimism and happiness.

While it is accepted that life comes with challenges and you can wish them away just because you don’t want to complain, you must know that you can still talk about your challenges and the reality on ground in an optimistic way that doesn’t make you despair.

6 Things You Can Do To Be Happier

Be Kind

As you work towards a happier existence, learn to be kind to yourself and others because it helps to boost your energy and happiness.

Doing good makes you feel good. Give more genuine compliments, offer help whenever you can, be there for someone in need, take time to visit loved ones and learn to share your blessing with others. You will see your happiness rising.

Stop being proud

Pride is a big barrier to happiness and progress. It prevents people from asking from help when they should, or telling the truth about the situation or saying sorry to those they’ve wrong among other things.

Pull the wall of pride down in your life, cultivate an attitude of humility and watch opportunities open up for you in your relationships and every other area of your life.

Pride has robbed of too much already, put an end to it now.

Be grateful

It may be unexplainable but gratitude increases our joy and our blessings! Being thankful for what we have makes us treat them better and in tending those blessings, we create room to receive more.

Gratitude shines forth in our relationships, our work, our expectations and it is a magnet for joy because when we have a perspective that sees goodness, it helps us expect more good. When you’re expecting good, you can’t be pessimistic or depressed.

Let this year be a year of gratitude and watch your joy soar!