Guys, Things To Do To Find The Right Girl

Guys, Things To Do To Find The Right Girl

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How to find the right girl….

Everybody talks about how girls are always searching or waiting for Mr Right but they often forget that a lot of men are longing for that special somebody too.

Finding that special somebody has become a hard thing for some people in this world that we live; some guys have just had one bad experience after the other and they are left wondering if they will ever find that lady that is just perfect for them.

Romantic and relationship let-downs happen to a lot of men through no fault of theirs but there are a chunk of men who are doing the wrong things and expecting best results. Guys, there may be a whole of things you’re doing that are repelling instead of attracting “Miss Right”.

Here are some of the things you may need to stop doing to find girl of your dreams:

Stop Lying

Lying is a bad habit and it’s not a trait that any lovely and sensible girl would want in man that she wants to be in a relationship. So if you have been thinking that lying is dating skill, it is not. It has simply limited your relationship opportunities.

Don’t believe stories that women like to be lied; not the type of ladies that could the kind of love and joy into your life. Making a habit of lying to ladies will only attract the ones who lie too or who are confused.

If you want the right lady in your life, stop lying and start living your truth.

Start Listening

You are entitled to your desires about how you want the woman of your dreams to look but if you actually want to find that complete package of in and out beauty you’re looking for, then add some listening to your looking.

There are a lot of beautiful girls out there but not all of them are good for you. If train yourself to take more time to have conversations and listen more, you will find the one that you make a good thing with.

If you leave it all to looks and a good time, then don’t complain when it ends just as it starts. If you want something more, you have to go deeper.

Stop Boasting

Boasting will only get you hooked up with fake girls who don’t know  themselves or want to flatter you so that they can use you.

Overcome those fears of your inadequacy and be yourself so that you can give yourself the chance someone who will truly appreciate you for who you are.

Start Being Nice

All that rude boy stuff is only attractive to confused women or teenage girls. Smart, beautiful, happy and lovely ladies (the kind that you really desire) know that real men are kind and polite gentlemen.

Your harsh, abrasive and inconsiderate façade is barrier to finding true love so let it go and find your kind, gentlemanly self. Do that and you’re on your way to love and happiness.

Stop Looking For An Easy Lay

Looking for ladies you don’t have to woo or get to know before they fall into your arms is not smart move but a confused and dangerous move. If you’re looking for cheap love, it will most likely not be good love; cheap usually means low quality.

Now this is not about chasing some girl who is playing hard-to-get, it is about learning that you have to put effort into achieving the kind of life you desire. To find that love of a lifetime, you should be ready to the work putting yourself out there to find love.

Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Start being wise

Be a wise man. Don’t allow yourself to be played by looks or a show of niceness. Don’t let sex or money cloud your judgement.

Do the due diligence of protecting your heart by weighing and judging the actions and words of the women you meet so you don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Beware of women who keep asking (for money, attention, romance, etc) but are not ready to bring anything to the table. Love is a mutual service and reciprocal giving; if you are expected to do it all, then it’s not love.

You need to also be aware that a woman who wants to do everything for you without you giving in return is not love. She may an insecure person who may later turn on you or someone who is trying to trap you.

Be wise, and shrewd, let your heart and head guide you.