Stay Alive: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs

Stay Alive: Foods To Clean Your Lungs

Stay Alive: Foods To Clean Your Lungs

By incorporating these foods in your diet you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also cleansing your lungs.

ONION: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


Onions have been used for many centuries for their various medicinal properties. Recent research has shown that these powerful vegetables can help with a whole host of conditions that includes coughs, angina, bacterial infections, and even the common cold.

When it comes to helping with respiratory problems and clearing out the lungs onions contain sulfur rich compounds which help with lung related conditions such as asthma and severe coughing. The strong compounds also help break down phlegm in the lungs ensuring they are clear and able to function more effectively.

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Water: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


water is very important to cleanse your lungs. Rather than drinking soda, coffee, alcohol, or other beverages, you should opt for water. It is an excellent source of hydration and it accelerates the detoxification process. If you are not used to drinking clear water, or maybe you hate that plain taste, you can add some flavour to it by adding some drops of lemon juice.

Garlic: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


Garlic has various anti-inflammatory properties along with a high level of allicin. This helps to fight infections and reduces inflammation. Garlic has also been considered by many as being effective in improving asthma and can help to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

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Raw pistachios are great to improve lung health. They can help prevent lung cancer according to various studies. They also help to lower cholesterol.


Beans: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs

Beans contain a lot of magnesium which is highly recommended for asthmatic people. It will also help to increase the lung capacity and improve the efficiency of the respiratory process.
food clean your lungs.

Ginger: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


Ginger is one of the most healthy superfoods in the world. It will help to clear your lungs because of its anti-inflammatory properties. You can add ginger to various dishes as it is a widely used herb. You can also use it to prepare ginger root tea blended with some lemon. This helps a great deal to remove toxins from the respiratory tract.

Grapefruit: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


This fruit is simply great as it contains a lot of lung supporting minerals and vitamins. If your lungs have been effected by carcinogens, grapefruit will help to cleanse your lungs.

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Apples: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


It is a known fact that an apple a day keeps the doctor away for a very long time. Apples contain various vitamins as well as flavonoids that can help maintain a healthy respiratory system. They also help to prevent the development of different lung diseases.

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Cruciferous vegetables

All vegetables that derive from the cabbage family are referred to as cruciferous vegetables. These include broccoli and cauliflowers, for example. All these vegetables are literally packed with antioxidants. These work to cleanse the body, including your lungs, from toxins.

Tumeric: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


Tumeric is another superfood to keep your lungs healthy. Just like ginger and garlic, this spice is great for your lungs due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Blueberries: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs

Dark Berries 

Berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants. They help to reduce the risk of lung cancer as well as other infections and diseases.

Pomegranate: 13 Foods To Clean Your Lungs


This fruit contains a lot of good properties. It can slow down the development of various lung issues.