11 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid

11 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid


11 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid

Stick Margarine

Although long touted as the healthier alternative to butter, this is another falsehood. Stick margarine contains excessive amounts of trans-fats, the ones that cause damage your blood vessels and arteries, not to mention the calories. Most stick margarine has at least 100 calories in one tablespoon!
At one time it was thought that, by avoiding animal fats, margarine was a healthier choice, however, over the years researchers have discovered that natural butter, from organic, grass fed cows of course, is better for your body in the long run rather than subject your body to all the trans-fat, salt, and artificial colors and flavors that margarine has.
Besides tasting great, (nothing like the real thing) butter is a great source of those healthy saturated fats, fat soluble vitamins, and other vitamins. If you are concerned about the calories or salt content, they do sell unsalted butter.
You can also try using whipped butter that is sold in tub containers. Whipped butter has more air, therefore less fat and fewer calories.


Ok, so perhaps this is a no brainer. Frosting isn’t healthy, everyone knows, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying some now and then does it?

Perhaps you would think differently if you really knew the ingredients in that little package of frosting. Canned or packaged frosting is just a mixture of trans-fats and corn syrup, with preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Not quite the treat you pictured, is it?
Many contain food colorings that are banned in most other countries. Read the labels. Many of them state they contain soybean or cottonseed oil. What they don’t tell you is that those are GMO soybeans or cottonseed oil.
Some of them also contain two different types of sugar.
One label (Betty Crocker) simply says “sugar” as the main ingredient, which means it’s more than likely from GMO sugar beets, and then high maltose corn syrup, aka, high fructose corn syrup. It’s interesting to note that even the frosting that states its flavor is vanilla, so it should be white in color, has artificial colors.
Do you really want (or need) all these things in your body? Stay away from this one.

Non-organic Strawberries

Strawberries look so clean and pure but have you ever seen workers in strawberry fields? They must wear protective suits when working to keep from being exposed to the dozens of pesticides that are sprayed on strawberries regularly.

A new report that was done by the US Department of Agriculture discovered that strawberries contained more than 13 different pesticides. Doesn’t that sound yummy?
You may have heard that the EPA forbid the use of one pesticide, methyl iodide, because it was shown to be a known carcinogen, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a multitude of other pesticides being used.
Although California is leading the way to investigating the use of non-toxic, or at least less toxic, means of controlling insects and fungi, you should note that these are small scale studies.
Virtually all of these juicy fruits are still being sprayed with tons of extremely toxic chemicals. These pesticides are absorbed into the strawberries, so washing them doesn’t work. Be safe.
Buy only organic strawberries.