Sometimes, even the best of relationships come to an unexpected end; it’s part of the unpredictability of life. Many other times, however, some relationships were clearly going nowhere even from the very beginning. The problem, most times, is that those who find themselves in such situations cannot see or understand the signs.

The signs that are a relationship will not end well are often visible for those are discerning.

Here are three major warning signs that your relationship is a dead-end

Lack of Acceptance

A good relationship is one where you are accepted, faults and all. Where this is lacking, it’s a waste of time.

If you love your partner and accept him/her for (s)he is but discover that you don’t receive the same from him/her, it’s better for you to walk away. Someone who has a problem with fundamental things that make you who you are cannot be your better half.

It may also be in the reverse; maybe you’re hooked up with someone who you can’t accept totally. If you have a problem and are always find fault with important things that define them like their career or look, you better leave because it won’t work

Lack of Trust

You cannot have a meaningful relationship with someone who doesn’t trust or someone you can trust. This is because trust is an important for every good relationship. If something has happened that shattered your trust, it is better to move on if you find that you can’t forgive your partner or he/she can’t do the same.

Checking up on messages and snooping around is a spy program not a loving relationship.

One-sided Love

You can’t keep a relationship with another person on solely on the strength of your love for him/her; it should be reciprocal or you’ll end misused and frustrated.

Similarly you can’t choose a partner that you don’t love or care for hoping that your relationship will work because he/she loves you. It’s not fair and won’t  even be a real relationship.

Whenever a relationship is based on one-sided love, hurt and betrayal is inevitable. Better never to start such an unprofitable venture.