Ten Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate

Ten Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate
Ten Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate

Sometimes it happens; love turns to hate and those two people who were inseparable become the worst of enemies.

Most times, when it happens, it’s a mystery but here are 10 possible reasons why a loving relationship or friendship can turn into one where both parties just can’t stand each other:


Betrayal is one thing that can turn people who once loved and supported a person to his/her haters and enemies is betrayal. Sometimes when people are betrayed, their feelings of love turn to bitter hatred.


Secrets can ruin a relationship; when they are suddenly exposed, they can make someone who once loved you to have a different perspective of you and begin to hate you especially when there is no opportunity to explain your side of things.


A terrible misunderstanding of motives, intentions or the purpose of actions in relationship can turn love to hatred. This is why communication is important in every relationship.


Backbiters and gossipers can ruin a relationship if they are given audience by one or both parties in a relationship. They can sow terrible words and news that can turn what once a wonderful feeling of admiration or love to hatred.


This works both ways. A person can fall in love with someone else or start cheating on their partner, and as a result of this begin to despise or hate that person they once loved dearly. This may happen when they compare both lovers and feel like their new catch is better that the old faithful.

The other way round is when a partner discovers that the other person has been unfaithful or catches him/her in the act. Love can easily turn to hate.

Unrequited Love

Sometimes people become bitter and hateful towards people who did not return their affection or people who rejected their advances. So that what was once tender love turns into mean hatred.


When people lie too much to someone who loves and cause the person shame, embarrassment and heartache, that love may turn to hatred and disgust.


People may come to hate someone they once loved if the person turns out to be an irresponsibility, goo-for-nothing who cannot be counted on for anything.


If one party is too proud, boastful or arrogant in a relationship, it may cause the other person to secretly resent him/her which may turn to hatred.

New discoveries

People can become disgusted, indifferent and hateful of someone they once loved or admired because of new discoveries about the person. For example, they may discover a dirty or criminal past they cannot get over, or discover that the person is from a family or related to someone who has done them great harm or they deeply resent.

This makes them to transfer such hatred to the person they once loved.