5 Reasons For young Girls To Avoid Teenage Pregnancies

5 Reasons For young Girls To Avoid Teenage Pregnancies

5 Reasons For young Girls To Avoid Teenage Pregnancies

Children are a precious gift and this is why a child should be brought into the world by someone who is physically, psychologically, emotionally and materially prepared. While that is the ideal, the truth is that a lot of unprepared people bring children into the world. One major category of the unprepared is teenage mothers.

The truth is that many teenage mothers have made a huge success of both motherhood and their individual lives but there is hardly any one of them who would not tell you that it requires extra hard work. We know that life brings unexpected events despite our best plans but it is better to become a parent when you are most ready.

Young girls must be careful with sex in their teenage years because even though young boys can become teenage fathers, teenage motherhood or pregnancy has greater impact on the girls.

With the exceptions of those who are victims of sexual abuse, rape and other circumstances beyond their control like child marriage, here are 5 reasons young girls should strive to avoid teenage pregnancies:

It can cut short your opportunities

The truth is that getting pregnant at a young age like your teens can prevent you from taking advantage of opportunities that may be available at that time.

If a young girl is not from a family where her parents have a lot of resources or where education is highly valued, it may cause her to miss her chances to get educated. While she may decide to get an education on her own, it really is a harder way.

It can affect your health

For young girls whose bodies are not yet well-developed, a teenage pregnancy can pose a real health challenge. If they come from a poor background, they may have health challenges that may not be detected because of the quality of health-care they are getting

It can affect your mind

It may seem easy but teenage pregnancy still comes with some social stigma. Young girls may not be able to handle it especially if they feel guilty about their situation.

Even when an abortion is procured, some young are never able to live with that experience  even as adults.

It can affect your family

There’s the issue of parents being disappointed or loved ones being resentful and also if a girl is from a poor background, bringing an extra person to be fed and taken care of can really put a burden on the family.

This may further deteriorate family relations.

Boys don’t get pregnant

Young girls have to really care for themselves, and their future because the boys who tell them that sex is no big deal don’t get pregnant.

When a young girl gets pregnant, most of the boys and men who impregnate them are nowhere to be found and even when they are available and supportive, it’s not the same thing as being pregnant. It never really affects their chances in life the way it affects girls.