5 Things to Consider When You Feel Jealous

5 Things to Consider When You Feel Jealous

5 Things to Consider When You Feel Jealous

It happens even to the best of us; we get jealous over something that someone else has or something we think is going on without us. Whether it’s in relationships or just generally feeling envy for what other people have going for them, jealousy is not a noble feeling that anyone should allow a comfortable space in their hearts.

If it stays too long, it can poison our souls and make us do things we may later regret.

Here are 5 five things to consider when next you feel the pangs of jealousy:

Jealousy is about insecurity

This is the truth; whether you are jealous because someone else is having their dreams come through or because you feel angry about your partner’s friendliness with some other guy or girl, the root of jealousy is insecurity.

So instead of acting out your crazy urges, why not find out the root of your insecurity and deal with it. Maybe you think that girl your boyfriend is chatting with seems cooler than you or that your dreams will never come through.

You don’t know the whole story

What we are jealous of is often something of which we don’t have the full facts. We covet something we think is better than what we have because we see a glamorous presentation. But the truth is that there’s a story behind that façade.

Don’t be so sure that you’ll still want it after you know the whole story.

You are you

You are unique person; your story, your need, your character, your desires and your destiny are not like any others. You may have similar traits and similar desires as some others but it’s not the same. What they have is not for you; why should you be jealous?

You’re comparing and it doesn’t make sense

Following from the last point, it is worthy to emphasize that no one is like any other person so it doesn’t make sense to compare oneself to others and it’s pathetic to be jealous of them.

You might even be miserable with what they have or make a mess of it because you were not built for it.

You have so much going for you

There are many great things about you, worthy of note and praise and people do actually admire those things. Don’t belittle your good points by whining and getting jealous of what you don’t have or what you don’t have yet.

You need to understand that no matter what level or state you’re in, there are wonderful, unique things about you that are not worth losing because you want to be like others.

Remember your awesomeness and let the silly jealousy go. Accept yourself, be at peace with yourself and enjoy yourself. That’s the only way your best self can shine forth.


Next you feel the jealousy (it might be soon), remember these 5 things and rise above.