Wives, 3 Great Things You May Be Doing That Are Dangerous To Your Marriage

Wives, 3 Great Things You May Be Doing That Are Dangerous To Your Marriage

Wives, 3 Great Things You May Be Doing That Are Dangerous To Your Marriage

Marriage is a long complex journey that evolves constantly with time. If one is not careful, it may metamorphose into something that isn’t marriage at all. This is why some couples have become roommates instead of lovers and soul mates. None of them started like that and most of  them never believe that their own marriage would into such a comatose state.

For women, there are a lot of great things that they do, which do not translate into any benefit for their relationships with their spouses. Their spouses may praise these virtues and fine traits (sometimes because everyone is praising) but may secretly resent these activities or habits because they recognize that it has negative effects on their relationship as a couple.

Husbands may not be able to say it for fear of being castigated and sometimes when they do, their wives may not just understand the point.

Wives, here are 3 great things that you are doing that your husband does not appreciate and may jeopardize your marriage:

Being a Better Mother than a Wife

You should be a great wife and a terrible mom but neither should you be a great mom at the expense of your role as a wife; both of these extremes are dangerous. Your marriage can suffer a great blow and unexpectedly too because you are enjoying your role as mother so much that you don’t show up as wife anymore.

Many husbands are resentful of wives who can no longer make time for them, or enjoy some of the things that they used enjoy because they are now mothers. This often leads to infidelity and sometimes, unrepentant because the man feels like he’s been short-changed by a wife who substituted him with the kids.

You can be a good wife and mum; you may just need to let go of some things on both sides.

Being a Better In-Law than a Wife

Don’t be the one who gets along with all her In-laws and not her husband. He’s the one you married and if he doesn’t have a good report about you, you may be sinking your marriage. Sure, he appreciates that you are taking it upon yourself to understand and get along with his family members but he really doesn’t get how it has become an impediment to your relationship as couple.

Find your priorities and get them in the right order. Your in-laws are part of your life but as much as your husband.

Being a Better House-Keeper than a Wife

You may be over-doing it; all that cleaning and arranging may be pushing your husband away. He really can’t appreciate the fact that you keep everything clean anymore because you no longer have time to let your hair and let him even talk to you.

Ease up on the obsessive compulsive behaviour, it’s making a sulky miserable husband out of your man.