Don’t Live Selfish: You Will Only Hurt Yourself

It’s good to look out for yourself but if you really want to be happy in life, you’ve got to care about others too and sometimes, you’ve got to sacrifice some of the thing you want for yourself just to make life easier for others.

For some people, this seems like foolishness but it actually isn’t.  In order to live a fulfilled you must incorporate a habit of giving and loving to every other aspiration ambitions you may have for yourself. This is not to say, however, that you should neglect yourself or never make demands for your own needs. There is a balance that must be attained in living your life if you will experience joy, peace and stability continuously. One end of the imbalance is to be overly self-sacrificing and the other end is to be selfish; both of them have dire consequences.

Selfishness will leave you unfulfilled

Having a lifestyle of constant selfish usually comes from a mind-set that believes that grabbing all for yourself and being bothered only about what you want, how you feel and what you will gain is the best way to happiness. Everyone that lives selfishly actually believe that this is the road to happiness but it’s an incomplete mentality. This means that such persons do not understand that they are needs  in us that can only be met by others and met only in this place of relationship with them. If you are selfish and live selfishly, it doesn’t take people too long for people to realize that you don’t really have anything to offer them. They may leave, they may decide to treat you like you treat them or you may just cease to matter to them and whether you admit it or not, you’ll feel the pain.

Selfishness will lose you important relationships and this will affect your joy

The law of attraction is real

For those who may have decided or had experience that led them to believe that the best way to live is only looking out for you, it’s important to remember that we often attract people who are like us at the core. If you are too selfish, most of the people around you will be selfish, grabbing and unconcerned people just like you. This means that even your core relationships like friendships and romantic partnerships will probably end up being with people who have a philosophy of selfishness like you. Relationships that all about what people can get from you are really tiring before you drain yourselves out. Think about being a little more generous in heart and deed.

The consequences may not appear immediately

You may be selfish and still have a lot of people who keep seeing the good in you, loving you unconditionally or who stick with you because they can’t really see what you are doing. This will only last for a while. The truth is that people no matter how slow or patient they are will eventually catch up with the message you preach about who you are and they will eventually act on it. It may happen at the worst time; it usually does.

A lot people have grown old lonely and sad because they lived all their early years caring for and appreciating no one for themselves so when they need it most, the spouse, the kids and friends are nowhere to found because they drove them away with the callousness of their me-me lifestyle. A lot of people who balanced out their personal needs with a consideration for the needs of those around always end more fulfilled and satisfied. Many selfish people may have a lot material possessions and achievement but it doesn’t stop the emptiness they later feel. Many others don’t get to achieve much because they are too selfish for people to tolerate them and give them room to strive. A lot people who failed at careers and relationships failed because they were just too selfish.

Be less selfish today.