4 Ways To Handle Someone Who’s Trying To Take Advantage of You


Sometimes those you care about and least expect want to take you for a ride. Sometimes it’s strangers and acquaintances who think they can pull a fast one on you. Most times we get so angry or wounded but that’s part of life; sometimes people just want take us for granted and try to misuse us. However, instead of getting angry, we can clear all doubts in their minds that we are going to be their puppets.

Here are ways to deal with people who are trying to take advantage of you.

Say No Without Explanation

This will catch them off guard because they are probably not expecting it. Just say a firm and clear no to whatever it is they are asking of you. Make sure that you are very clear and assertive about it; don’t give any reason or excuse, just say no.  if they ask you why, tell them that you simply can’t do it.

Be bold, look into their eyes but don’t give any reason, so that they can be left squirming with discomfort and if they press you further, tell them you’re saying no because you have a right to say no and that’s final.

Say No With Explanation

This time you say no and without waiting for them to ask, you tell them how utterly disgusted and disappointed that they would try to take advantage of you. Let out your heart and leave them to their conscience. They’ll think twice before trying such a thing next time.

Say Yes and Ask For Something Outrageous in Return

You can shock someone whose trying to take advantage of you by telling them that you’ll do what they ask on the condition that they do something really outrageous and impossible, like giving you all their life-savings.

They’ll either be dumbfounded or they’ll try to tell you it’s outrageous. You can respond by telling them that that’s how stupid and outrageous what they are asking you do is.

Walk Away

This is good when you know that that person should know better but is simply trying to test if they can use you. Simply walk away without dignifying the request with an answer; if it’s a phone conversation, end the call, just like that.

You’ll probably find him/her trying to explain or apologize and if they have the nerve to get angry, then you can have a real show-down with them, telling them how insulting it was to try and take advantage of you like that.