Guys, 5 Things That Can Get You a Lady’s Slap

Guys, 5 Things That Can Get You a Lady’s Slap

Guys, 5 Things That Can Get You a Lady’s Slap

Ladies, real ladies don’t go around being violent. They respect themselves and they respect others. You will hardly find a lady raising her voice or making a scene. Ladies also like to respect the menfolk; they don’t like to disrespect any man because they assume that the men they meet are gentlemen unless they prove otherwise.

However, there is one thing there is to know about real ladies; they don’t make trouble but they will not be intimidated by it. They don’t tolerate disrespect either and where they find womanhood being disrespected, they might feel obliged to defend their honour. One thing to know is that you should never mess with a lady.

Many men who tried to mess with the womenfolk don’t have good tales to share. Because just as women are nice and gentle, they can be just as fierce. The hot slaps that some guys have received are evidence of that.

For the guys out there who never want to what a lady’s hot slap feels like, here are 5 things you should never do:

Groping her

A lot of men have suffered not only slaps but scratches and pepper spray for this disgusting act. Dirty old men trying to fondle young ladies, foolish male bosses who didn’t know their place or some idiot who thought a smile was an invitation to be foolish and forward. These are some of the gropers who have suffered the wrath of a lady’s hands.

If you don’t want to be disgraced by a lady in public or in private, then be a gentleman and respect yourself. Don’t go around trying to grope or fondle women who haven’t given you their consent. Women know what they want; if that lady likes and wants you to touch her, she will let you know.

Cheating and lying

Cheating is such a bad thing to do but it is especially disrespectful when you lie to cover it up. Women hate when men try to play on their intelligence. They also hate when those they have trust think it’s an opportunity to take advantage of them. That’s one thing that can make a lady lose her cool.

If you’ve been caught cheating and you decide to start telling stupid lies, don’t be surprised if you get a fiery slap.

Messing with a child

If you’re the kind of man who likes to pick on small children to bully them or you like to prey sexually on young kids, just make sure that a lady never catches you.  If she’s the one who finds you out, she may unleash wrath that you can’t believe on you.

Women can’t stand child-molesters, and she probably give any one she catches a slap before handing him over to the police.

Beating up a woman

Another thing that can make a woman slap a man is if she finds try to abuse another woman. She will take him up because she can see that he thinks that women are weaker and that he can prey on them.

If he meets a lady, she will tell him to pick on her and see what might happen to him and she just might decide to start the confrontation with a slap.

Groping another woman

Ladies know with a conviction that other women are their sisters and whenever they get the chance, they will defend the sister.

The one thing that can earn a man a slap is if he finds her trying to sexually harass another woman. She will probably give him many slaps before disgracing him and calling the police.

Ladies respect the menfolk but the gentlemen among them.