8 Reasons Your Wife Ain’t Happy

8 Reasons Your Wife Ain’t Happy

8 Reasons Your Wife Ain't Happy

Most times men frequently feel it is their duty to make their wives very happy and fulfilled. With that being a priority, never feel like a failure in cases where she still feels unhappy despite your best effort. Most at it has nothing to do with you; but it is an inner fight no one but she can overcome. It doesn’t mean she is lost a cause, but may seem to be that you may need to take an alternate approach. To start with, you would have to understand why your better wife isn’t happy.

Below are a few reasons:

1. She is pressured by today’s standards

Everyone now sharing the amazing parts of their lives on social media, it is hard not to compare someone else’s triumphs to her failures. She may feel if she is not planning amazing dates for her husband every week then she is a bad wife. Or if her child is not a prodigy by the time they are four then she has failed as a parent. Sometimes it can even be the little things like not putting her kids in a sport, or not cooking a homemade meal every night that leaves her feeling inadequate and unhappy.

2. She is missing something in her life

Unhappiness could be due to missing something. Something major like the inability to have children, or something smaller like not having a fulfilling job that just bring home a paycheck can make her feel empty. If she seems unhappy on a daily basis, it is probably for this reason. Try and help her pinpoint exactly what is missing, and help her create a plan to change it. Or, cope with the emotions she’s going through because of it.

3. She has her priorities confused

It is easy for a woman to confuse her priorities. She tends to put everyone else before herself. She may think creating an elaborate birthday party (with the work keeping her up all hours of the night for a week) is the only thing that matters. And she may forget her own dreams because she focuses on making everyone else’s come true first. While it is possible she feels she is doing the right thing, it can often lead to feelings of unhappiness.

4. She is overwhelmed

This is a common culprit behind a woman’s unhappiness. It doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed. She goes through a variety of emotions on a daily basis, and it’s exhausting. Fear, joy, heartache, anger, love and anxiousness are feelings she has every day. With all there is to do, all she is responsible for, and all the road blocks that pop up along the way, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed. This does not make her happy.

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