5 Perfect ways to Impress your first date

 5 Perfect ways to Impress your first date

GUYS: 5 Simple ways to Impress her on a first date.
Everybody is always on their best behavior when going on a first date, but even at that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed in impressing the person you’re meeting.

Now, what do you need do so as to get it right?

According to Life Skills mentor, Manj Weerasekera, whom is always out there helping people find new love after a divorce or the end of a long term relationship has a few tips for you.

Be a Good communicator:

Simply this applies to both being great when speaking and when listening too. Pay real attention when your date is talking, so that they feel you’re actually interested in what they are saying. If you’re a little shy, paying attention will help you reveal what to ask them or speak about next. Also, attention is the key to charisma and unlocking chemistry. Try not to talk too much about previous relationships when you’re speaking, and do not talk negatively about them.

Control your inner voice:

Definitely its very important that you learn to control the little voice in your head, because this inner dialogue will determine your confidence level. Don’t forget that it’s going to be speaking to you anyway, so you have to train it to speak in a way that’s going to help you achieve your desired outcome. Decide that you will only say things to yourself that are positive and supportive of how you wish to feel. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your inner voice and accept nothing less than what you want to hear.

Defeat the microexpression trap:

Microexpressions can flash over your face involuntarily and betray true emotions. Even if you have succeeded in convincing yourself to look happy during a date, one unexpected distraction can reveal emotions you would rather not share. Five out of six of the universal emotions disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness and surprise are, honestly, not ideal first date material. How can you make sure these microexpressions don’t show up and sabotage your date?

The answer is simple change your thoughts, not your expression. For instance, press the pause button on your worries. Free yourself of any burdens and you will make a far better impression.

Develop a solid self-image:

You need to have a healthy self-image in order to make a great impression naturally. Therefore, before you leave on your date, you need to remind yourself: what’s great about you? Also, remember the times when you had your most successful dates. That will give you a positive boost.

What’s your outcome?

Be sure of the kind of impression you wish to make. How do you want to come across to a potential partner good humoured, sophisticated, fun or relaxed? These are some important things you need to decide in advance about the kind of impression you want to make.

Hope it worked out for you when you followed this steps? Is that Yes? then leave  comment with your experience, so as to help us reach out to you more…Smiles