5 Things Men DO ONLY If They Are NOT In Love With A Woman

5 things men DO ONLY if they are NOT in love with a woman

5 Things Men DO ONLY If They Are NOT In Love With A Woman

Just as there are clear signs that a man is in love with a woman, there are also signs that indicate that this man is with you for reasons other than love.

It is easier to notice if a man is attracted to a woman or if he likes her, but it is much more difficult to know whether his feelings are love or a passing fantasy.

1. You are a guest in your life, not part of your life

One of the main and most notable signs is that you are not part of your future plans. It’s as if you feel like a constant guest in your life. Even when you feel comfortable in his life, you do not feel “at home”.

You feel welcome in your life, but not in it all, only in parts. If your life were a home, you would be allowed to use only a few rooms, most needed, but the rest is not available to you. You know this, you sense and feel, and if you mention it to him, you never get an answer that really clarifies that feeling.

2. He talks about other women

Almost as if he unconsciously wanted you to know that he was not the most important woman in his life. Like anyone who wants nothing, he mentions other women whom he finds attractive or admires.

You realize that there is something wrong, because even if it is not your property, you feel you have to share it with the thinking of other women, all the time.

3. He DOES NOT talk about intimacy
Sometimes you even wonder what he was thinking when they were having intimacy. You feel as if your body was present, and you are enjoying it, but it is not there.

This deep connection that begins to be built in a relationship does not exist. You do not feel connected to him during intimacy, or rather, you are, but he is in another world, and talking about it is another taboo between you.

4. Your comfort is not part of the repertoire

You’ve been with him for a while but still do not know what he really likes. He does not know if he likes you as he is, if he would like you to change something or if there is something in you that drives you crazy.

If you ask him, you feel that the tension increases a lot and it’s not something that you like, so it’s best if you do not mind to not cause “problems”. You do not feel comfortable talking to him about virtually anything, and you’re tired of talking about the weather and the color of the sky.

5. He NEVER starts things between you

Sometimes you wonder what would happen if you disappeared … Would he notice? Most likely he would notice, but it would not be something that would worry him. You are the one who always looks for him, who proposes activities together, who always makes things work between you both.

If you spend the day thinking about why he treats you like this, why he does not give you the space you deserve in your life, why you are a guest and not the woman in your life, most likely he will not Be in love with you