10 Wrong Thoughts That You Should Never Think About Your Spouse

10 Wrong Thoughts That You Should Never Think About Your Spouse

Thoughts are very powerful and they can shape our words, attitude and actions in ways that may not be completely clear to us. Many actions that seemed sudden and out-of-the-blue were actually product thoughts that were been nursed for a long time.

Marriage is a meant to be for a lifetime and in order to maintain the bond of love, trust and commitment, one thing to watch is the thoughts that are harboured towards one’s spouse. Positive thoughts will breed a positive and agreeable disposition while negative thoughts will minor problems seem insurmountable and even create problems where there are none.

For a successful marriage, one thing to watch is the thoughts. Here are 10 thoughts you should never nurture about your spouse:

I could have done better than this – Once you think like this, nothing your spouse does will ever be good enough.

He/she will never amount to anything – It’s like a preparation to destroy the relationship because if you think like this, why would you want to hang around

I can’t become anything great with him/her in my life – You are preparing the ground to wreck it all because it’s going to show in your attitude and one of you is going to throw in the towel.

He/she is going to cheat on me, it’s inevitable – Unless you have some concrete evidence, this is no way to think about a spouse you want to make it work with

This marriage is going to end in divorce – You might as well end it now because if you keep thinking it, it’s probably going to happen.

He/she must be hiding something from me – A suspicion mind-set is the enemy of a peaceful and flourishing relationship. Such thoughts will only bring trouble; if you have something that’s bothering you, it’s better to ask your spouse about it.

He/she is too immature and will never grow up – if this is the case, why did you marry this person. Better to hope for the best than to create imaginary problems.

He/she will not make a good parent – Why would you marry someone you think would be an unfit parent? You’re either crazy for marrying him/her and you need to get your mind into the positive zone. If you continue like that, when the kids come, you’re going to stifle your spouse and your relationship will suffer for it.

I’m better than my husband/wife – You better end that thought now because if you continue in it, it will come in your words and actions and probably end your marriage. if you think long enough, it might begin to look like the truth but it doesn’t mean that it is. Don’t let regret be your teacher

I’m not good enough for my husband/wife –  Only proud, stupid think that way. If you can marry that person, you really aren’t better than him/her. You’re not really better than anyone by the way. Find your loving, humble self and begin to thinks thoughts that can actually improve your marriage. Otherwise the end is near and if you keep thinking those thoughts, you better be ready.