Unbelievable Reasons Why Some People Hate Marriage

Unbelievable Reasons Why Some People Hate Marriage

Unbelievable Reasons Why Some People Hate Marriage

There are a growing number of people who don’t want to get married; they don’t believe in the institution of marriage. Some of them even believe that all those who get married are just fooling themselves. They believe that marriage is an out-dated model for love and romance and is simply being promoted because marriage makes a lot of money for some people. This is most common among younger people between the ages of 18-45 these days.

Those on the other side might wonder why these people are so cynical. A majority of the older folks are baffled at this mind-set and many of them consider it a tragedy when a young man or woman says he/she is not interested in marriage.

Here are some reasons for this attitude;

Failed Relationships of Parents

Many  people whose parents’ marriage ended up in divorce may come to despise marriage. Others who had a parent who suffered terribly at the hands of their spouse or partners (even if such relationships did not end in divorce) may also come to this conclusion. Many who have parents who suffered heartbreak in relationships and had failed marriages often have a fear or hatred of marriage.

Many, who also have parents who remained in a loveless, abusive or estranged marriage, find the idea of marriage totally repulsive

Devastating Heartbreaks

People who have suffered one or more heartbreaks and betrayals in relationships, especially at a young age, may come to see marriage as an exercise in futility.

Sometimes it is the experience of such betrayal in a loved one’s life that brings about such disillusionment. Others simply observe what is happening around the world and draw their own conclusions

Desire for independence

Some young people now see marriage as a trap that takes away one’s freedom and independence. Some of the legal, social and religious restrictions that are placed on a person when they get married are very scary to them.

Young people who have lived or grew up in very religious setting or restrictive cultures may come to see marriage as tool of control that is unfavourable, particularly towards women.

High Rate of Infidelity

The rate of infidelity makes many to wonder why anyone would go through the trouble taking marriage vows when they still intend to cheat or end up cheating. Some swear off marriage because they do not want to be dishonest.

Some people who do not want marriage feel that they are not monogamous in nature.

The Option of Co-habitation

Some young people simply wonder why anyone should tie themselves up in marriage when they have the option of co-habiting with a partner for as long as the relationship is working.