Marriage: 9 Things You Should Know About Divorce

facts about divorce

Facts about divorce

Divorce is a fact of life. It happens all around us, it happens to the best of us. We never really plan for it but it happens anyway.

While divorce is getting more rampant, many are still baffled as to why and how it happened to either their marriage or some the marriages they thought so much of. While all the reasons behind divorce may not be completely understood, there are some  facts about divorce.

Here are some of them;


Couples who have a lavish, extravagant wedding are more prone to divorce

So you’ve probably heard people snicker (or maybe it was you) at lavish, society weddings saying it might all come crashing down soon. Well, there seems to be some substance to this suspicion as the number of lavish weddings that end up in divorce are somewhat higher than others, although nobody can really say why.


Smokers have to work harder  

So according to research, a marriage has a 71 – 95% chance of ending in divorce if only one of the partners smoke.


Children tip the scale

The rate of divorce among couples with no children is higher than that of couples with children. There is, however, a catch; the chances of divorce increase where couples have twins or triplets.

Some careers make, some others mar

Studies have revealed that people in certain careers have the lowest divorce rates; agricultural engineers, sales people, nuclear engineers, optometrist, podiatrist and clergy. On the other hand, bartenders and massage therapists have high rates of divorce with dancers and choreographers having the highest rates of divorce (around 43%)


Men are the worst hit

Men are more prone to depression and heart-attacks after a divorce. They are also more likely to commit suicide after a divorce.


Divorce is not legal everywhere

Watch out, divorce is illegal in the Vatican City and in the Philippines

Experience is a teacher

People in their second marriages are less likely to get divorced. The lessons learnt in the first marriage take some credit for this.


Many People Have Regrets

Many people regret getting divorced and do wish that they had tried harder at making their marriages work. In the UK, for instances, studies reveal that about 50% of divorcees later regret taking that decision.


Divorce Affects Children

Children whose parents are divorced are more likely to become school drop-outs. Researchers at The University of Alberta found that children with divorced parents are more likely to drop-out of school than others