Husbands, 5 Ways You May Be Disappointing Your Wives

Husbands, 5 Ways You May Be Disappointing Your Wives

7 Signs He Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About You Husbands, 5 Ways You May Be Disappointing Your Wives

Women are not moody and snappy for no reason; there’s always a reason behind it, especially if they are married. Offenses and inconsiderate behaviours from their better halves may be the reason behind those frowns. It often gets compounded when they believe they cannot talk about or that their husbands will not understand their grievances.

So guys, here’s some help with why your wife may sometimes go dark and gloomy; you may have disappointed her and she doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. It may be something you saw as trivial or you can’t remember but all the same it hurt her.

Let’s help you with five things that your wife may be secretly disappointed or angry about;

Sharing secrets with a third party

Maybe you didn’t think it was meant to be a secret but she thought it was or she didn’t expect you to start sharing the news yet.

Your wife may be upset you for breaking the news of that pregnancy, promotion or vacation too early, she may be disappointed that you told your sibling about that melt-down she had or talking about some other thing you haven’t realized.

If you no longer want to be surprised by her disappointment, pay more attention and if you can’t get a clue, just ask her if she thinks it’s a bad idea to talk about that stuff. You don’t even have to agree but at least you’ll have the chance to tell her that you don’t see any point discussing it with others beforehand. You do have rights in that relationship but if it’s not a big deal, then perhaps you can decide to seal your lips for her.

Taking decisions without her

It’s a no-no to take almost any decision without your wife; after all you are a team, aren’t you. If you are in the habit of doing this, you may be letting your wife down in a major way.

It’s especially when you consult and involve, others like your friends and family, in these decisions but not her or if you announce them to her after you have finalized issues with them. That could be recipe for disaster.

Never apologize

If you have the habit of never admitting wrong or apologizing to your wife when you are wrong, you may have opened the door for her to have many grudges against you.

This may explain some of her negative attitudes and many damage your relationship irreparably. This is not a good trait; it will be better if you try to change.

Never standing up for her

Maybe your mom has accused your wife unfairly or she’s had a misunderstanding with the neighbours and you, her husband, is totally unconcerned about rising up to her defence or speaking up to correct a wrong impression about her, then you are failing in a significant way.

Don’t be fooled if she isn’t saying anything about it; she is probably very unhappy about it.

Comparing to some other woman

If you compare your wife to your mom, sister(s), colleague, best-friend, etc, often wondering aloud about why she can’t be like them or how she needs to learn a few things from them, you are wounding her and foolishly creating problems for yourself.

Husbands, 5 Ways You May Be Disappointing Your Wives