Six Unexpected Causes of Breakups

Six Unexpected Causes of Breakups

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Relationships can be a tricky thing and sometimes a good thing just suddenly ends without any reason, or so some of us like to say. The truth is relationships can’t really end without any reason; it might just be something you didn’t know about or something you didn’t expect because you just didn’t imagine that it could be a reason.

For those who might be in a situation where they are still trying to figure out why the relationship ended or those of us who need to keep learning, this might be useful; here are some unexpected reasons why that relationship broke up:

They can’t believe their luck

Sometimes you don’t but sometimes that your partner still doesn’t believe that you could have wanted them or that you could have said ,”yes”. Now you would expect that they would move from not believing their luck to settling and enjoying a good thing but some people are just too insecure.

You relationship may have broken up because your boyfriend/girlfriend still didn’t believe that your being with them was for real and so instead he/she began to act up or even decided to end  things because they thought, you were too good to stick around

You know someone who knew them

It’s funny but sometimes a relationship breaks up because one partner who’s had a colourful past decides to run away because they’ve seen their partner with someone who used to know them.

They may feel that with that person around, they never be able to live that past or that incident down, so they feel like they need to walk away before  you hear all the stories and start acting up.

You were a second choice

You might have hit off with that guy or girl like it was match made in heaven and so when all the love and chemistry died under mysterious circumstances, you were simply baffled.

It’s possibly that all that love and chemistry was great with them too but it paled in comparison with someone else.  Sometimes people hook up with the next best thing if the one they really wanted seems like a no-show. So as soon they get a signal that the initial target might be a possibility or they realize they  can’t make do, they make an escape.

It’s not that you’re good; it’s just that you’re not that person. The heart wants what it wants.

You don’t fit the profile

Sometimes relationships because one person has an idea of how their boyfriend, girlfriend or potential spouse needs to fit.

So maybe they really like you but they just can’t let go of that idea or profile that they’ve waited on for so long. So they let you go in the hopes that dream is still out there.

They can’t do commitment

Someone who really likes you might break up with and more especially because they like you simply because they are afraid of commitment. So they leave early before it’s too late.

They are married

This is major reason for many sudden and unexplained break-ups. A married man/woman might meet someone, strike up with that person and start something they should know they can’t finish.

After a while, the reality dawns on them , they start to feel guilty and realize they still want their married or they simply get cut. So while you are on the other waiting for that call, that explanation or simply just wondering what happened, they moved on; trying to readjust to married life and forget you.

Six Unexpected Causes of Breakups