Ladies: 5 Signs That He Loves You

Ladies: 5 Signs That He Loves You

Ladies: 5 Signs That He Loves You

There are a lot of men out there who say things they don’t mean and at the end of the day, they break the hearts of the women who believe them. One of the hardest things that women deal with in relationships is how to sort through all the mumbo jumbo and actually be able to tell that a man loves you and is ready to make something of the relationship.

Here are some signs that show that a guy really cares for you:

He pays attention to what you care about

Maybe he wasn’t too particular about some things before he met you or before things got serious, but one way to know that a guy really cares about you is that he begins to pay attention to the things you care about. You will notice that little things like your wanting to keep the house tidy, have the dishes or maybe that he should take better care of himself will receive attention from him.

While his efforts might be totally satisfactory, a guy who loves you will make significant effort to please you in the areas that he knows you’re picky about even when he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. This doesn’t mean that he’ll become your puppet, doing whatever you want. But if you really look carefully, you should be able to see all the significant ways he has made changes for you, however little.

He tries his best to make you feel good about yourself

He loves you and thinks the best of you and because of this, you’ll see him going to great lengths to make sure you know and believe it. Whenever you don’t feel good or beautiful about yourself, you’ll notice that his response is to encourage you and sometimes show his genuine surprise at your negative feelings and thoughts about you.

You will see him making sure to tell you how beautiful you are. You will be able to tell from his comments and behaviour that he genuinely appreciates you.

What bothers you bothers him

If he loves you, he can’t be unconcerned about your troubles. Most times, you will find taking on and trying to solve your problems for you. He may talk about it all the time but you see through his actions that your problems have been on his mind and he’s trying to help.

Whenever you have a problem that he can’t help you with, you might see him getting frustrated. One thing you’ll see is that he will always try to offer you assurance.

He sticks around when it gets tough

A man, a real man who loves and cares about you cannot be seen jumping ship and going missing when things get rough. If the relationship is going through a rough patch, his reaction cannot be to walk away and leaving you hanging. Because of his love for you, you will see him trying to work things out, act more mature and understand what you need.

You will find him making adjustments that he may have never accepted all because he wants to be with you. He may not do everything right but you’ll see him putting his best foot forward and he will certainly stick around. Problems will become an opportunity to prove himself as the man for you if he truly loves you.

He’s in all the way

When a man loves you and has come to the conclusion that you are the one, you will see it in his attitude and in his speech. He’ll no speak in what ifs, he becomes more serious about other life plans so that he contribute his best to the relationship. He will take more interest in other parts of your life like wanting to know your family and friend. He will want you to have more stake and involvement in his life. He will begin to see himself and act like a man with responsibilities not because he thinks you are weak and can’t do anything for yourself but because he loves you and has made the decision that you’re going to be a major part of his life; with your permission, of course