Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Love life in 2017

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Love life in 2017

Whether your relationship is struggling or you’re having it great, there is always room for improvement; there is always something that you can add for your experience with your spouse or partner to be better.

The last year may have been poor or great for your love life; whatever it was, 2017 offers you an opportunity to do better and be better, to be happier than you were last year.

These five tips are useful for improving your relationships and your love life no matter, where you are on the ladder. Guess what? Even if you’re single and you’re looking to find someone one, these tips are still relevant for your needs.

Here are they are:

Fix your perspective:

Whatever prevailing thoughts dominate your mind concerning any area of your life, somehow find a way of becoming part of your reality. It’s almost mysterious but your beliefs about love, relationship and what is possible and available often come to pass; it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You may have been having the worst experiences with love and dating because you believe that there are no good men or women out there. You may have been frustrated with your spouse or partner because you focus on all his/her flaws and have come to believe the worst of them.

Believing wrongly often affects our actions and reactions; we may seek out people who fit our opinions, we refuse to believe people and rebuff them even they reveal the best qualities. Believing the worst about people and things often brings out the worst in them.

Fix your thoughts, fix your perspective, believe the best and watch your experiences and love life turn around.

Watch your mouth

Many relationships fail, deteriorate and remain mediocre because of how we talk to our partners, spouses and potential dates.

Stop being mean in your speech; be kind, be polite, state what you desire or what you don’t want in least aggressive way possible.

Say sorry when you need to, offer compliments, don’t go around offering opinions like you know it all, don’t talk down about those people and things that matter to your spouse or partner.

Don’t talk all about yourself or boast about your achievements on a date, ask questions about the other person; use your words to show interest, communicate openness, don’t interrogate people as if they are on the hot seat with you (interview them without being obvious about it; be subtle).

Don’t go around talking tough when you need love and attention; if you talk like you don’t need anyone, they will most likely believe you. Be attractive in your speech.

Be and remain vulnerable

Putting up a hard exterior will ruin your relationships and make you miss potentials for a great love life. Showing that you are interested in being loved is attractive.

Vulnerability is not weakness and hardness or harshness does not imply strength. Men and women are attracted to people who have room for them in their lives.

When you give your loved ones the impression that they can never impress you, they stop trying. When you give them the impression that they can’t hurt you, they stop caring about your feelings.

Singles, you may have been unable to make that connection with that person you like because you have projected an image that you don’t need anyone. If you’re interested in dating and finding love, show it with your words and body language. It doesn’t mean you’re loose or promiscuous.

Let what you have to offer match what you require

A lot of people have problems in their relationships because all they do is ask and talk about what they need; their partners and spouse are worn out by their constant demands that is not cushioned by any giving on their parts. In their bid to ensure that there are not cheated or in following some standard of what it means to be loved, they have become burdensome and unattractive because they no longer make efforts to give in their relationships.

Many single people remain single forever because all they talk about what they want; those who are interested in them turn away from pursuing a relationship with them because they can not discern from their attitude and their words that they will receive any love from them in return.

Relationships are not one-sided shows of what one person wants, they are mutual love, respect, and service to each other. Let that be what you’re offering in 2017.

Be firm and stand up for yourself

2017 is the year to stop being a doormat, to stop taking shit and accepting less than you desrve.

Being a people-pleaser or doormat will not improve your love life or find you true love, it will lead you to being used and taken for granted, it will take you into the trap of users and abusers.

Love yourself enough to desire and require the best; if you have been keep quiet about the things that hurt or offend you with your spouse or partner, this is the year to start speaking up and demanding better behaviour.

If you have been going along with people you can clearly see that are simply interested in using you or not good enough for you, this year you must start saying no.

If looking out for yourself will mean an end to that relationship or having to waiting a little longer for Mr or Miss right, then so be it.

Good luck to you!