6 Signs You are in Rebound Relationship

6 Signs You are in Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships

We humans possess great capacity for self-deceit; we can tell ourselves we’re fine when we are not, we can convince ourselves we’re happy when we’re not, see mountainous problems even when we have it good and are making enviable progress. Sometimes, we are just so confused that we get mixed up in lie and we are convinced of it. This is how some of us are with rebound relationships.

You just had a major break up; you’re supposed to be heartbroken and disappointed and despite the fact that those who really know you say that this is the case, you deny it will your strength, promising that you’re over the whole episode.  Before anyone knows it, you’re claiming to have to have found the love of your life in some guy or girl that you barely even know. Everybody’s wondering why you seem to be in such a rush but you really don’t seem to think so.

The hallmark of most rebound relationships is rushing into an intense relationship soon after emerging from serious one or dating (serially) as a way of escaping the pain of heartbreak. It might be such a bad if those heading into rebound relationships were aware of it and could therefore manage their expectations and the promises they make. Many who went into new relationships with such an awareness were able table what they could realistically offer  and state their expectations with honesty that saved further pain.

The more realistic approach coming out of a serious and important relationship that ended painfully or with disappointment is to take time off to heal before going into another relationship (serious 0r not). The problem is that many refuse to accept that they are hurting, or believe that their pain can only be cured by another relationship; they deny that they are on the rebound and proceed without clarity or direction into another relationship. Rebound relationships hardly ever end up in happily ever afters.

This is why we’d like to help anyone who’s not sure if they are in rebound relationship or not. The signs will help you decide:

You know you are not over your ex

If you express it conversation or you believe in your heart that you still love your ex, and you are somehow in a new relationship, then you should know that your current relationship is a rebound relationship.  It doesn’t matter how many relationships after that ex you have been in, if you still love him or her and would accept them back if the opportunity arose, any relationship you embark on is rebound.

You’re still hoping to get back with your ex.

If you’re still hoping to get back with a particular ex and possibly working towards while you’re in another relationship, that guy or girl you’re with is a rebound side-show that you will probably end up hurting

You hate your ex and are looking for ways to get revenge

If you can muster emotional intensity to hate and seek to exert revenge on your ex, any relationship you’re in is a rebound. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand the sight of your ex, if you still have strong enough feelings for ex (whether positive or negative) to think about them often enough even while you have entered into a relationship with another; then the new girl/guy is most likely a rebound.

If you talk about your ex all the time

It doesn’t matter if your now dating prince charming or Cinderella, if your ex comes in conversation at every chance you get, your current love life is just a rebound show.

If you talk to your ex all the time

If you find ways and actively seek out opportunities to talk to your ex and keep abreast of what (s)he is up to, (especially his/her love life) while you yourself are in relationship, know that you’re most likely in a rebound relationship. If your new relationship is the real deal or you’re truly over your ex, then you shouldn’t be that interested in what they’re up to.

Everybody say so

It may look like nothing but if those who know you well enough are concerned that you’re not yet over your ex or that you’re entering a relationship too soon then you should re-evaluate yourself because it is very likely that they are right.

Although a majority can be wrong even when they are close friends and family, it is very likely that when your loved are of the opinion that you’re getting into a new relationship too soon or that you’re unresolved about a recent heartbreak despite your denials , it is true.

Many times those who surround us can sense things about us that we may try to hide.