3 Relationship Mistakes You Should Never Make

Relationship Mistakes

Relationship Mistakes

Every has some hits and misses in their life and in the course of their relationships but when it comes to  romantic relationships, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided at all cost. They do a lot of damage and they are quite unnecessary because they are very much avoidable. Making these mistakes offer painful lessons that one does not need to actually go through.

Here are three relationship mistakes not to make


It makes no sense and it can become a painful and time-wasting experience to date someone that you do not want to date all because you feel bad about saying no. It is never a wise or noble thing to enter into a relationship that you do not desire or you are not convinced about because you feel pity for the other person who seems to love you or desperately wants the relationship.

This is a mistake that often ends in a lot of misery and anger because you end up hurting the person you thought you were trying to help and you also hold yourself to ransom for something you didn’t want in the first place. It may all end in frustration.


It is better to give yourself time to heal after a break-up or a failed relationship. Rebound dating has cost a lot of people more than they bargained for because when you rush into a relationship on the heels of a fresh break-up, you are not balanced emotionally and your judgement is often impaired. You may find someone who is totally unsuitable for you to be attractive because you are looking for something to make you forget your last relationship. This is even dangerous as you may fall into the hands of a predator.


Some people think that they have to be in a relationship at all times. They don’t enter into relationships  because it’s their choice or because they have found someone they think they want but because they just have to be in relationship.

This is a very dangerous mind-set to have because it can lead to many avoidable heartbreaks and disasters. It also makes people unnecessarily vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment because they think they have to have someone to call their boyfriend or girlfriend even when they haven’t found anyone whom they like or is suitable.

The truth is that it is not compulsory to be in a relationship or date anyone at any particular time. Relationships should be entered into on your own terms; because you want to do so.

Relationship Mistakes