Ways To Prevent Tick Bite


– How not to have a tick bite.

– What to do when a tick bites you.

Due to the nature of ticks, a tick bite is not something people joke about. In fact, not one wants to be bitten by a tick.

Ticks belong to the same class as spiders—arachnids, that is why they have eight legs, unlike some insects with six legs.

Also, ticks can transmit diseases and infections which is one of the reasons one must avoid tick bites.

The most common way to prevent their bites is by making sure that your house is rid of them, that is you must first prevent them from your household.

If you have them in your homes, there are means to which one can kill them. You can use tick repellents, showers, and tick checks to stop ticks.

Also, there is a possibility that an individual can suffer tick bites probably while playing in the field, camping, and during other outdoor activities.

A tick bite.

Before we highlight what you can do not to have a tick bite, it is necessary to state some of the diseases that a tick van transmit. These diseases include;

  • Lyme disease which is the most chronic of them all.
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Southern tick-associated rash illness
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Tick-borne relapsing fever, and some other diseases.

Ways to prevent a tick bite include the following;

1. Check your clothes and be sure that you don’t have ticks on them.

2. Also, dress properly when going to the field or when going for an outdoor event. Make sure that you protect your body, ankles, arm and other parts of your body.

Prevention of tick bite.

Do not expose any part for ticks to bite you.

3. Another thing that we can do to prevent tick bite is by wearing repellent.

4. keep your environment or vicinity clean so that you can create a tick-free zone.

5. Also, try as much as possible to avoid direct contact with ticks, you should also stay away from wooded and bushy areas.