Celebrities and failed marriages by Akinremi Abdul Raheem (@iamunclerahiiim)

Celebrities and failed marriages by Akinremi Abdul Raheem (@iamunclerahiiim)

Celebrities are known for their failed marriages, in fact it has become norms. ‎My heart aches anytime I hear about celebrities having marital issues. The most recent one is that of Aunty Tonto and Bro Churchill. Even though Aunty Tonto went extra miles to save her marriage with all sort of social and publicity hype before the breakup, yet the marriage failed.

Well who is to be blamed for their woes? Family, friend or fans?

‎Twitter fans be like ” Egbon Don Jazzy, you still never won wed? When you go marry. You don dey old oooo”

Instagram fans be like ” Banky W, na only to do best man u sabi. You no go marry ba? Idiot”

Facebook fans be like ” D’banj, you don old oooooo”

Family be like ” when are we going to see our grandchild?”

Friends be like ” Are you going to wait till my children start calling you uncle or Aunty?”

Egbon Adekunle gold once said in life of a star ( Lil kesh x Adekunle Gold) ‎that “….Mofe dogun mofe dogbon
Mofe do lo kiki laye
I know know say it takes a lot to be a star
They no tell me say e no easy oh
Them go vex you for social network….

Wonti gbagbe pe me self be Human being oh
They no tell me say e no easy oh
If i start to tell you how the thing dey go
You go feel what am feeling in my soul
I live the life of a star
Omo ko easy rara
Am a keep on matching and go with the flow..”

What I am trying to drive at is that the pressure we ‎the fans give to the so called celebrities are sometimes “unnecessary pressures” . Some of us will even leave our individual “wahala” and take their personal life as a core course.

Stuffs like this keep popping up everyday. Don’t forget they are human beings and that means some of them can bow to pressure. All in the name of the pressure and “media problem”,they tend to fall into wrong hands.‎

Gentlemen and ladies out there are either interested in your money or your fame. They just want to be attached to you one way or the other.

Since some of these celebrities are eager to get married, therefore, they tend to fall into wrong hands. Even when some are careful with hubby selection.

Most of these successful celebrity marriages you see around ‎in most cases are relationships that started prior the fame and only few started after the fame.

Even when a celeb try to avoid a gold digger and marries a colleague ( star), ‎then the battle for superiority starts.

Mr. Star will want to make more money than Mrs. Star and if Mrs. Star makes more money than Mr. Star, na problem ( First Wahala)‎ ‎

Mr. X gave Mrs. Star a new range rover 2016 model. Mr. Star begins to suspect Mrs. Star even if nothing is going on between Mr. X and Mrs. Star. ( second wahala) ‎

Mr. Star and ‎Mrs. Star are away from home for days. Kids are been affected ( third wahala)

Since the home is affected, Mr star wants Mrs. Star to stop being a star and stay back at home so that the kids won’t be affected. ( fourth wahala)

Mrs. Star says no ( the real whalhala has started big time)

Mr. Star insist as the man of the house.

Mrs star says no and if care is not taken she will settle for divorce.

#gbam ‎

In short, many things can be attributed to their failed marriages and only God can save their marriages.

God bless those that are having happy homes.

May things work out for those having issues.