9 Reasons Why People May Avoid You

9 Reasons Why People May Avoid You

9 Reasons Why People May Avoid You

There’s always a reason for everything and in order to change a situation you must understand the cause. One painful thing that can happen to anybody is to find out people don’t enjoy being around or that they’re avoiding you. It can be a great torture, especially if you can’t seem to understand why.

Most times, people avoid keeping company with a person because there’s something about them they just don’t like. Sometimes, you haven’t done anything wrong and when that is the case, you shouldn’t bother yourself. but if you’re doing something that is putting people off, you should try to know the reason.

Here are 9 reasons why people may avoid conversation with you

You ask inappropriate questions

You don’t have any boundaries; you just ask any question that comes to your mind whether it’s a private matter or not. If you are a person who asks nosy, insensitive or embarrassing, people may find ways to avoid conversation with you.

If you have noticed that your acquaintances or friends are in hurry to get away when conversing you, this may be the reason. If anyone has ever told you that you are too nosy or over-bearing, please examine yourself. Most times, people may not tell you what you’ve done wrong; they may only react negatively.

You talk about yourself all the time

Conversation with a person who likes to turn everything to him/herself is not really a conversation. It’s more like a one-man show where the other party has simply been invited to be a spectator. People enjoy being in a conversation with someone who wants to dominate everything.

So if you find that people seem to avoid talking to you, you may be someone who talks too much about himself or herself. If this is the case, a lot of people will make it a point to avoid you and those who stick around may have no choice.

If you want to put an end to this negative trend of being avoided, give conscious attention to allowing others to talk about themselves. This way, the conversation is more balanced and people can see reasons to talk to you.

You talk too much

If you are excessively talkative, you will have a problem with keep people interested in a conversation. And it’s not their fault, it’s yours because you simply don’t know when too stop.

When you talk too much, you will talk about things that are relevant and things that are not. This will tiring and cumbersome to the person(s) at the other end of the discussion. Once people discover that you are overly talkative, the tendency will be to avoid conversation with you the next time.

The truth is that most people who talk too much know it. the challenge is in learning to control yourself.

You Gossip

Not everybody likes to be involved in gossip and once people notice you like to gossip about others, they may avoid you.

If you like to turn harmless conversations into discussions about other people lives, other people will mark you for it. if they are not into gossiping, then they will avoid you like a plague. In addition, you will get a bad name and they might warn others to avoid you.

You make indecent jokes

If you are insensitive enough to want to make lewd and insensitive jokes, you will not have many people who want to talk to you. Such behaviour portrays you to be an indecent person who has no respect for common courtesy so don’t be surprised if people avoid you.

If you have been told you make inappropriate jokes, then watch yourself. Try to learn the etiquette of public conversation which includes decency and sensitivity. Leave the explicit and lewd jokes for when you get with people who like such things. Don’t try to force your own lack of inhibition on others.

You take offense easily

If you are prone to taking offense at harmless jokes or opinions that you don’t agree with, people will avoid you like a plague. Nobody likes to be around an angry, difficult person and nobody like to talk to such.

If people seem to avoid making conversation with you, this may be the reason. It’s too much bother to have to explain oneself or placate someone who take offense easily.

If you want to enjoy people’s company, you must change. Address whatever is making you so prickly

You’re too argumentative

Sometimes people enjoy arguments and debates but certainly not all the time. If you are in the habit of turning every conversation in to an argument, people will make a mental note to avoid you. You must learn to discern people’s mood if you want to be good company.

Don’t make a habit of turning easy, fun conversations into a debate when others are not in the mood for it. They will start avoiding you eventually

You’re too negative

Nobody likes negativity. If you’re the one who always destroys light and happy conversations with bad news and gloomy projections, you will suffer for it. People will learn to avoid you because nobody likes a spoil-sport.

You’re too serious

Everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time. So if you’re the kind of person who’s always serious and never gets jokes, you may be conversation material.

If you find people overlooking you or avoiding you, don’t blame them. You’re too serious and your disposition is making everything too grim. Try to lighten up