Parenting! 7 things you ought to say to your children consistently

Of the considerable number of things you can say to your kids, here are only a couple that may have the best positive effect on their lives.

7 things you ought to say to your children consistently

There are an infinite number of ways that we can express love to our children. Here are a few phrases that I’ve found are the best ones to use in our homes to uplift our children and strengthen our family ties.

1. “I love you.”

Do not go a single day without letting your children hear these words come out of your mouth. Children feel safe knowing that you love them. Difficult days will come. There will be times when they make decisions that may not be the best. Make sure that they know, with certainty, that no matter what decisions they make, you will never stop loving them.

2. “You make me very happy.”

This could not be more true! (And every mom and dad knows that no truth is more important.) Children are an inexhaustible source of happiness and love. It is so important that they know this! Don’t wait until they graduate or get married to tell them just do it today.

3. “You are very special.”

It is extremely important that children understand from a young age that they are different, unique, and special. We all went to excel in some way. Set a goal to tell them every day that they are incomparable and the best thing that has ever happened to you.

4. “I like it when you…”

Everyone enjoys knowing what they do that makes other people happy – especially your children. Take the time to point out any positive aspect about their behavior, character, kindness, talents, funny ideas or school performance.

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