See the 6 Most Exotic Fruit you should try


Mangoes, bananas, or avocados are all three kinds of exotic fruits that runs across the minds of people. But in all courtesy, if you’re living in a temperate climate, any fruit except apples, pears, and grapes can be considered exotic. Even so, there are plenty of delicious exotic fruits out there most of you probably never heard about, yet fruits you should definitely try at some point.

African Cucumber/Horned Melon

African Cucumber; a Kalahari fruit that spans from central Botswana to West South African regions. However, nowadays, this African Cucumber can also be found in places like New Zealand and California where people now grow it for commercial purposes. We say this because this particular fruit is one of the most delicious fruits out there. It’s said to have taste of cucumbers and zucchini with a mix of banana and lemons, making it a must eat.


Mostly grown and consumed in the Caribbean region, Ackee fruit is mainly in Haiti and Jamaica where people consider it a national fruit.As interesting as this fruit seem, it can grow up to four inches in diameter and it looks surprisingly much like a mango fruit. On its surface, it has a yellow and red leathery skin covering a thick, cream colored pulp that apparently tastes absolutely delicious.


It is also known as chocho, vegetable pear, or christophene, its a fleshy, pear shaped fruit that can be found in certain places throughout Central America but perticularly Mexico. Chayote fruit can weight around 2-3 lbs each, also having the resemblance of a water chestnut quite a lot both in taste and appearance. What’s interesting is that you can prepare the fruit in many ways without having to worry about it losing its consistency.

Dragon Fruit/Pitaya

It is mostly found in Southeast Asia, and are exported all over the world due to how incredibly juicy and flavorful they are. Dragon fruits can be slightly sweet and crunchy, as many of the people who had the pleasure of eating it have said that it tastes like a mix of kiwis, pears, and melons. This being said, the dragon fruit is also very interesting to look at, mainly due to its bright pink skin and large, green scales.

Salak/Snake Fruit

Its an Asian fruit which can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia where it also bears the name of ‘snake fruit’ or ‘snakeskin fruit’ because of its exterior. In order to eat it, the fruit’s outer skin must first be pulled back to reveal three yellow lobes and a dark brown seed. While the seed isn’t edible, the fruit’s juicy lobes are said to have a very crisp and sweet flavor, which explains why people are often using it for syrup or jams.

Monstera Deliciosa

This tasty fruit looks very much like corn, even though it doesn’t taste like it at all and is grown throughout Central America. The Monstera Deliciosa is said to taste like a blend of banana, pineapple, and ripe pears. The fruit of this interesting plant is the only non poisonous part of an otherwise very toxic plant as interesting as it seems. Also, it takes more than a year for the actual fruit to ripen, which is why the fruit is so rare to begin with.