How To Break up With Someone Nicely

Breaking up in a nice way….


You’ve struggled with it for a while but now there’s no escaping the truth; you’re no longer interested in this relationship. Sometimes, despite our best intentions and best efforts, the relationship that we had really high hopes for turns out not to be what we want or what we are looking for.

This realization brings us to a dilemma that if we had our way, we would make disappear; how to end the relationship. Some people feel so terrible about break-ups that whenever they have to do it, they end up hurting the person more when in fact their aim was to avoid all unpleasantness.

You cannot and should not stay in any relationship that you are no longer convinced of, but at least you can break the news in a nice way.

Follow these tips for breaking up in a nice way:

Consider The Best Way

There are ways to break-up and there are ways not to break-up with someone you once shared some deep feelings and great times with. If you’d been in relationship with someone for a few months, it’s better to break-up face to face. Don’t succumb to the temptation to break up via calls, texts or e-mails. You owe the person an opportunity to have closure with you in person.

If you know your soon-to-be ex to be violent or you are afraid for your safety, then you may need to reconsider this option.

There’s a Right Time

There’s no good time for a break-up but there might be a right time. If your partner has just had some bad news or is trying to work through something stressful, like writing exams in a few days, it’s not too bad if you wait a few days before breaking the news.

Nobody is saying put your life on hold but waiting a few days just to be kind won’t kill you.

Be Sensitive

You have to be prepared for the fact that your partner will probably not take the news cheerfully. There may be tears, anger, accusations, even begging. Prepare yourself before then so that when those reactions come up, you will be able to respond with sensitivity and firmness.

Be As Honest As Necessary

If your reason for the break-up is because you met someone else, that is not information you need to share.

They will probably need you to tell them why you want to quit and you should be able to give an answer. If it’s because of behaviour you’re uncomfortable with, say so with only words that are necessary; don’t elaborate on it, especially since you’re looking to make up. If it’s something that you know is not their fault and will be un-agreeable to them,  like them not being rich or pretty enough, please don’t say it. Find a more general way of explaining why it won’t work.

breaking up in a nice way
How To Break-up with Someone Nicely

Break-ups are never easy and sometimes you’ll still be hated and remembered badly no matter what you do but you still do your best to be nice, don’t you?