Lovers! 20 Questions You Need To Ask Before Marriage

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

So you think you’ve found the one and everything seems to be going on smoothly. Marriage seems to be the next thing and you’re already thinking about marriage. Maybe there’s already been a proposal and both of have agreed to get marriage. That’s just great but maybe you need to slow down a little.

A good marriage requires a good foundation and both of you must fully understand what a serious commitment like marriage means to the other person. You simply cannot afford to go into marriage going in different directions or with different expectation. Where there are differences, you must know them, not necessarily because you want to compulsory forge an agreement but so you know if its a difference you can accept or not.

A lot marriages could have been prevented and lot of them, if only couples had asked the right questions before stepping. An informed decision leaves less room for regret.

questions to ask before marriage
couple having a conversation

While there are whole lot of things to be discussed and questions to be asked before marriage, these twenty questions and the answers you get will give good enough picture that you can base your final decision on. Ask these questions in a relaxed but serious mood so that you can get the most honest answers. Here they are:

1. What do you believe about God and eternity?

2. Do you want to have a pre-nuptial agreement?

3. What do you believe the role of a husband/wife should be?

4. What do you think the role of a parent should be?

5. Do you want to have children?

6. If yes, how many children?

7. How important are your parents/family to you?

8.  How important do you think family is?

9.  Do you think couples should know everything about each other finances?

10. Are we making all financial decisions jointly?

11. What do you think about debt?

12. On what grounds would divorce be justified for you?

13. Is there anything you would consider unforgivable?

14. Do you think infidelity is inevitable in a marriage?

15. Do you think we must have the same political/religious views

16.How important is achieving your ambitions/dreams to your happiness and fulfillment?

17. Would you be willing to put your career/desires on hold to support mine if necessary?

18. If you had a challenge, whose opinion would you seek first?

19. If you had to travel for a long time or if you died, would you be comfortable to leave things in my hands?

20. What is the most important legacy you want to leave behind?