Men: Four Reasons your Wife would Cheat on You

Why women cheat….


Men are the usual suspects when it comes to infidelity but women cheat too. Studies have shown that about 10-20% of men and women in marriages and committed relationships will cheat on their partners at least once.

Men are more likely to get caught when cheating but it does not necessarily mean that women cheat less. It seems women are better at cheating and hiding it. This makes a lot of men find it hard to believe and when the facts are presented, they wonder why.

Some of most common reasons why women cheat are explained here:

1. Loneliness and Boredom

Women who spend themselves alone for long hours alone due to reasons ranging from the staying at home to care for young children or a partner who is away for long periods of time may fall into infidelity.

This is one of the reasons why some women may turn to someone else for company and to fulfill other intimacy needs.

2. Unfulfilled Intimacy Needs

When a woman’s intimacy needs are not met by her partner, she may look else where to have them met. Women value emotional interaction a lot and it is usually a big deal when do not get it from their partner.  While some may turn to food, shopping, alcohol and other substances, others become susceptible to infidelity.

Women also have physical needs and value physical intimacy. Many times, infidelity from women is for the very simple reason that sexual and physical intimacy is inadequate in their relationship. Some may actively seek out another relationship where they can have the intimacy they seek while many simply find themselves yielding to romantic advances that hold the possibilities of such intimacy.

why women cheat
why women cheat

3.  Neglect

Some women feel as though they have simply been relegated to functioning as child-care givers, cooks, or house-keepers and this may make them  more vulnerable when they are appreciated or paid attention by someone other than their partner.

Women may have emotional expectations of their partners than may be considered unrealistic; being neglected or under-appreciated would aggravate possible frustrations especially when the woman is emotionally immature. Infidelity then becomes more of a possibility.

4. Emotional Disorder

Many women have suffered trauma and abuse in their childhood and as a result some are emotionally unstable. People who have been victims of sexual abuse in their childhood often have emotional and sexual dysfunctions that manifest as serial cheating. Many become fidgety when romance moves from its initial intimacy to a more settled relationship. Cheating then becomes a way of sabotaging the relationship in order to move on and seek the next high of emotional intensity.